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Economic Trends

Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2003
Andrew Linacre Economic Trends. 2004.  No. 582.
Presented in this article are measures of per capita Gross Household Disposable Incomes for various geographic areas within the United Kingdom. Tabulations also describe the level of Total Household Income, as well as the size of components such as employment income, social security income and tax payments.At the regional and sub-regional level of UK geographies, figures cover each calendar year 1995 to 1999. Regional figures update the provisional estimates published in July 2001. At the local area level (UK comprises 133 local areas), income levels and income composition are described for the combined period 1997 to 1999.Income redistributive effects of the social security and taxation systems may be gauged in relation to each areas ratio of social security money received - to the amount of taxes paid. In each of the lowest income Regions in 1999, social security receipts and taxation payments were in near balance. In contrast, in each of the highest income Regions tax payments are over double the level of social security benefits. Differences at local area level are more pronounced e.g. Buckinghamshire households paid taxes equal to more than four times their social security receipts, whereas North of Northern Ireland households paid taxes equal to half their social security receipts.
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