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Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Выпуск N4 за 2004 год

Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2008
M. Chui, A. Maddaloni, Franklin Allen Oxford Review of Economic Policy. 2004.  Vol. 20. No. 4. P. 490-508. 
Financial structure is an important determinant of the efficiency and stability of financial systems and the channels through which monetary policy is transmitted. We document the substantial differences in the financial systems of the euro area, the UK, the USA, Japan, and non-Japan Asia. The traditional classification of bank-based and market-based systems is shown to be too simplistic. We focus on two particular aspects of financial structure: financial institutions and the housing and mortgage markets. It is shown that institutional investors differ in important ways across the regions considered. One recent change is that Central Banks, particularly those in Asia, have become significant institutional investors. Housing and mortgage markets differ even more. We are still a long way from understanding which kind of financial structure is best.
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