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Опубликовано на портале: 13-11-2007
Jane Whittle
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000, cерия "Oxford Historical Monographs", 376 с.
This is an important new scholarly study of the roots of capitalism. Jane Whittle's penetrating examination of rural England in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries asks how capitalist it was, and how and why it changed over the century and a half under scrutiny. Her book intelligently relates ideas of peasant society and capitalism to a local study of north-east Norfolk, a county that was to become one of the crucibles of the so-called agrarian revolution. Dr Whittle uses the rich variety of historical sources produced by this precocious commercialized locality to examine a wide range of topics from the manorial system and serfdom, rights to land and the level of rent, the land market and inheritance, to the distribution of land and wealth, the numbers of landless, wage-earners, and rural craftsmen, servants, and the labour laws.
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Опубликовано на портале: 15-07-2005
Claire Whyley, Claire Callender
Этот отчёт посвящён администрации и персоналу вузов. Цель исследования - собрать информацию об отношениях, опыте и ожиданиях администрации и обслуживающего персонала в высшем образовании. Метод - фокус-группы.
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Опубликовано на портале: 26-06-2006
Larry Williams
Москва: Аналитика, 2006, 312 с.
Краткосрочная торговля - подход, применяемый большинством трейдеров при игре на рынке. Этот метод делает возможным самые крупные финансовые доходы, но одновременно он - сложнейший вызов, требующий постоянного внимания и бдительности, а также очень строгого планирования. Написанная Ларри Вильямсом, самым признанным и популярным техническим аналитиком последних трех десятилетий, эта инновационная книга - его первая за почти десятилетие - предлагает основы надежной и выгодной краткосрочной торговли, раскрывая преимущества и недостатки этого столь плодотворного, но все же потенциально опасного предприятия.
Делясь своим многолетним опытом закаленного и успешного трейдера, Вильямс предлагает свое понимание рынка по широкому диапазону тем: от хаоса и спекуляции до прорывов подвижности рынка и стереотипов прибыли. Под его опытным руководством Вы узнаете об основных принципах, движущих рынками, о трех наиболее доминирующих циклах, когда выходить из сделок и как до конца сохранять выигрывающие позиции в выбранных временных рамках.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2003
Oliver E. Williamson
Detroit: Free Press, 1998, 450 с.
This long-awaited sequel to the modem classic Markets and Hierarchies develops and extends Williamson's innovative use of transaction cost economics as an approach to studying economic organization by applying it to work and labor as well as the corporation itself. In addition, Williamson explores its growing implications for public policy, including its potential influence on antitrust and merger guidelines, labor policy, and SEC and public utility regulations.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2003
Oliver E. Williamson
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999, 488 с.
This book brings together in one place the work of one of our most respected economic theorists on a field in which he has played a large part in originating: the New Institutional Economics. Transaction cost economics, which studies the governance of contractual relations, is the branch of the New Institutional Economics with which Oliver Williamson is especially associated.
Through a transaction cost analysis, The Mechanisms of Governance shows how and why simple contracts give way to complex contracts and internal organization as the hazards of contracting build up. That complicates the study of economic organization, but a richer and more relevant theory of organization is the result. Many testable implications and lessons for public policy accrue to this framework. Applications of both kinds are numerous and growing.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-08-2003
Williamson offers a truly contemporary approach to intermediate macroeconomics that builds macro models from micro principles - an approach consistent with how macro research is done today. Strong theoretical underpinnings are balanced by real-world applications in two features - Theory Confronts the Data and Macroeconomics in Action.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-12-2003
Tassew Woldehanna
Durban, 2003
The impact of education on farmers. choice of activities and household welfare are modelled and estimated using farm household data for rural Ethiopia. We find that education has significant effects on household welfare. Schooling increases the adoption of new technologies and facilitates entry into highly profitable farm and non-farm activities, all of which may increase welfare and help farm households escape out of income poverty. An additional year of schooling in a household increases the welfare by 8.5 Percent. These findings provide a rationale to governments and donor organisations to include the expansion of rural schooling (through encouragement of parents to send their children to school) in their policy reform as a means of reducing material deprivation.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Tassew Woldehanna, Arie Oskam
There is some confusion in the literature on the consumption behaviour of farmers. We try to clear up some of the issues surrounding this confusion by elaborating and testing a model. Euler equations have been derived from a constant relative risk aversion utility function for total consumption expenditure, household expenditure and other expenditure, which includes durable goods. According to a test of Euler equations, farm households are not simply optimising lifetime utility. Rather, these households follow simple consumption rules, strongly influenced by habit formation. In line with most of the literature, we find that farm households are not borrowing constrained in their consumption expenditures.
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Опубликовано на портале: 15-07-2004
This graduate text provides an intuitive but rigorous treatment of contemporary methods used in microeconometric research. The book makes clear that applied microeconometrics is about the estimation of marginal and treatment effects, and that parametric estimation is simply a means to this end. It also clarifies the distinction between causality and statistical association.
The book focuses specifically on cross section and panel data methods. Population assumptions are stated separately from sampling assumptions, leading to simple statements as well as to important insights. The unified approach to linear and nonlinear models and to cross section and panel data enables straightforward coverage of more advanced methods. The numerous end-of-chapter problems are an important component of the book. Some problems contain important points not fully described in the text, and others cover new ideas that can be analyzed using tools presented in the current and previous chapters.
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Опубликовано на портале: 15-07-2004
The modern approach of this text recognizes that econometrics has moved from a specialized mathematical description of economics to an applied interpretation based on empirical research techniques. It bridges the gap between the mechanics of econometrics and modern applications of econometrics by employing a systematic approach motivated by the major problems facing applied researchers today. Throughout the text, the emphasis on examples gives a concrete reality to economic relationships and allows treatment of interesting policy questions in a realistic and accessible framework.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Rhung-Jieh Woo, Hsin-Yeh Tsai
Chrysanthemum is the primary flower Taiwan exports. However, the exports showed decreasing trend in recent years. The volumes exported were 826,596 kilograms in 2001, and Japan was the major market. About 99% of the chrysanthemum exports went to the Japanese market. Quarantine procedure is one of the measures Japanese government adopts to protect its domestic agricultural production. When chrysanthemum exports fail to pass the quarantine procedure, fumigation is required. According to statistics, the fumigated rate for Taiwan.s chrysanthemum exports to Japan reached 90Ѓ“ during 1996-1997, and was 70% in 1998. Fumigation could damage the quality and the reputation of Taiwan.s chrysanthemum exported. However, the degree of strictness of quarantine applied to the exports varied from time to time, hence caused the chrysanthemum exports facing with trade uncertainty. In addition, quality unevenness of exports, or standards that are not uniformly enforced could also cause trade uncertainty (not all exports are allowed to enter into the importing market).

It is suspected that the strictness of quarantine of a certain commodity is influenced by the domestic market conditions of supply and demand in Japan. During the seasons when Japan can produce enough chrysanthemum domestically, Japan might take stricter quarantine procedure to prevent foreign chrysanthemum exports from entering the Japanese domestic market. Trade uncertainty hence increased since not all of the amount exported each time is allowed to enter into Japan.s chrysanthemum market.

Since global agricultural trade liberalization is an unavoidable trend, non-tariff trade barriers are to be disciplined, it is expected that trade uncertainty of chrysanthemum trade between Taiwan and Japan will be reduced gradually during the process of agricultural trade liberalization in Japan.

The main objective of this study is to explore the possible influences of reducing trade uncertainty of chrysanthemum trade between Taiwan and Japan through quantitative analyses.
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Опубликовано на портале: 16-02-2005
Dean A. Worcester
Современный читатель, изучающий теорию ренты, должен будет провести различие по меньшей мере между тремя группами теоретиков: классиками, из которых Маршалл и Тауссиг представили наилучшую аргументацию, хотя вряд ли ее можно считать чисто рикардианской; неоклассиками, которые представляют не более чем простое повторение, если речь идет о тех, кто, подобно Уикстиду, Джевонсу, Давенпорту и др., оперирует определениями и большинством выводов Маршалла, но считают, что подход, основанный на анализе предельной производительности, превосходит остаточный подход; паретианцами, ведомыми Джоан Робинсон, К. Е. Боулдингом, Х. Д. Хендерсоном и др., придерживающихся фундаментально отличных концепций. Цель данной статьи состоит в том, чтобы, во-первых, описать вкратце те шаги, которые ведут к имеющейся в настоящей момент двусмысленности, во-вторых, дать несколько позитивных рекомендаций, чтобы свести к общему знаменателю разрозненные точки зрения, благодаря чему теория ренты приобретет новое содержание. Структура статьи такова: а) анализ логической необходимости и основных шагов, приведших к отказу от классической теории, согласно которой рента не влияет на рыночные цены товаров; б) как этот отказ привел к созданию двух других теорий ренты, из которых одна основывается на альтернативных затратах, а другая - на реальных затратах; в) что является условие для сохранения концептуальной взаимосвязи между двумя теориями?; г) как паретианское понятие ренты вносит многие новые детали в классическую и неоклассическую системы, но серьезно ослабляет значение термина "рента"; д) обоснование необходимости применения слова "рента" для выявления альтернативных затрат (или вознаграждения) единицы земли, как это определяется ниже, когда расчет ведется на уровне фирмы; е) необходимость нового термина, если понятия различных групп теоретиков должны быть объединены, - можно предложить "факторная прибыль"; ж) дополнительные причины для того, чтобы при определении ренты отдать предпочтение теории предельной производительности.
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