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Опубликовано на портале: 09-05-2006
Материалы международного симпозиума "Куда идет Россия", 1995 г.

Все сборники по материалам симпозиума (1994-2006 гг.)...
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Опубликовано на портале: 19-08-2004
Alexander Bard, Jan Soderqvist
Санкт-Петербург: Стокгольмская школа экономики в С.-Петербурге, 2004, 252 с.
«Netoкратия» - единственный в своем роде труд, смело разрушающий границы академических наук, сводя в единое целое философию, социологию, историю, экономику, бизнес и теорию управления. Это воистину первая книга, столь глубоко исследующая революционные проявления продолжающихся перемен в сфере информационных технологий - в экономике, политике, культуре и средствах массовой коммуникации. Интерактивность становится основным признаком коммуникаций, всё вокруг меняется, и эта книга дает объяснение, как и почему это происходит.
«Нетократию» составляют люди с блестящими коммуникационными способностями и талантом манипулировать информацией.
Те, кто не в состоянии воспользоваться преимуществами новых интерактивных технологий, образуют низший класс цифровой эры. Рекламные огни продолжают ярко гореть, но ни капитализм, ни демократия не имеют уже к этому отношения. Что дальше? Вслед за капитализмом наступает эпоха аттенционализма.
Те, кому удастся обуздать глобальную информационную сеть и научиться управлять новыми формами коммуникаций, встанут у руля финансов и законодательства, унаследут власть и образуют класс новой деловой элиты - «нетократию».
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Опубликовано на портале: 26-05-2004
Авторы книги "Уходящие партии: преобразование, социальное изменение и политическая поляризация" описывают, каким образом изменение границ избирательных округов, демографические сдвиги и политическая поляризация влияют на законодательную практику и голосование избирателей на выборах в Конгресс США.
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2006
Manuel Castells, Ida Susser
Изд-во: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2002, 448 с.
Manuel Castells, the most influential urban theorist of our time, has revolutionized modern thought on the processes of advanced capitalism and the generation of inequality. This collection of Castells' classic writing, which also includes two new essays written specifically for this book, reflects the panoramic breadth of his knowledge, the clarity of his approach, and the scholarly rigor and intellectual depth of his theoretical methods. Editor Ida Susser, through her own experience and collaboration with Castells, has selected his most significant essays and placed them within a theoretical and historical context. The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory is an essential resource for students and scholars of sociology, anthropology, political science, and urban studies.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2006
Colin Crouch, David Finegold, Mari Sako
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001, 296 с.
This study of vocational education in advanced industrial countries contributes to two different areas of debate. The first is the study of the diversity of institutional forms taken by modern capitalism, and the difficulties currently surrounding the survival of that diversity. Rather than analysing economic institutions and governance in general, the authors specifically focus upon the key area of skill creation. The second theme is that of vocational education and training in its own right. While sharing the consensus that the advanced countries must secure competitive advantage in a global economy by developing highly-skilled work forces, the authors draw attention to certain awkward aspects of this approach that are often glossed over in general debate: 1. The employment-generating power of improvements in skill levels is limited: employment policy cannot depend fully on education policies; 2. While the acquisition of skills has become a major public need, there is increasing dependence for their provision on individual firms, with government action being restricted to residual care for the unemployed, rather than contributing at the leading edge of advanced skills policy. Covering France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, the UK, and the USA, this book provides a unique approach to education and training within the broader political and economic environment. As such, it will appeal to students, teachers, and practitioners concerned with vocational training, human resource management, industrial relations, and the sociology of the economy.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2007
Ronald Philip Dore, Mari Sako
Изд-во: Routledge, 1998, cерия "Nissan Institute/Routledge Japanese Studies", 224 с.
Japan is regarded as a world leader in the field of education and training for improved economic performance. Yet success in Japan is often achieved by going against what is regarded as ideal practice elsewhere. This book offers the most comprehensive review available in English, fully updated from the first edition, of the many facets of Japanese vocational education and training. It covers the system from primary education through to in-job training offered by companies and provides a detailed study of current practice. This gives equal emphasis to formal training in explicitly vocational courses and informal training in factories, shops and offices. The authors are also concerned to analyse the difference between substantive 'person-changing' training and mere 'ability-labelling'. They raise important issues such as: to what extent does the need to package skills to provide convenient qualifications distort the actual training given? How efficient is it to rely on professional trainers to certify the acquisition of skills, rather than run separate testing systems? In Japanese companies the authors have discovered that pride in doing the job well is often the strongest motivation, and that much company training is carried out by colleagues.
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Опубликовано на портале: 06-01-2004
James E. Foster, Amartya Sen
Oxford: Claredon Press, 1997
In this classic text, first published in 1973, Amartya Sen relates the theory of welfare economics to the study of economic inequality. He presents a systematic treatment of the conceptual framework as well as the practical problems of measurement of inequality. In his masterful analysis, Sen assesses various approaches to measuring inequality and delineates the causes and effects of economic disparities. Containing the four lectures from the original edition as well as a new introduction, this timeless study is essential reading for economists, philosophers, and social scientists.

In a new introduction, Amartya Sen, jointly with James Foster, critically surveys the literature that followed the publication of this book, and also evaluates the main analytical issues in the appraisal of economic inequality and poverty.
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Опубликовано на портале: 27-01-2005
Michael R. Gibbons, Camille Limoges, Helga Nowotny, Simon Schwartzman, Peter Scott, Martin Trow
Изд-во: Sage Publications, 1994
In this provocative and broad-ranging work, a distinguished team of authors argues that the ways in which knowledge — scientific, social and cultural — is produced are undergoing fundamental changes at the end of the twentieth century. They claim that these changes mark a distinct shift into a new mode of knowledge production which is replacing or reforming established institutions, disciplines, practices and policies. Identifying a range of features of the new moder of knowledge production — reflexivity, transdisciplinarity, heterogeneity — the authors show the connections between these features and the changing role of knowledge in social relations. While the knowledge produced by research and development in science and technology (both public and industrial) is accorded central concern, the authors also outline the changing dimensions of social scientific and humanities knowledge and the relations between the production of knowledge and its dissemination through education. Placing science policy and scientific knowledge in its broader context within contemporary societies, this book will be essential reading for all those concerned with the changing nature of knowledge, with the social study of science, with educational systems, and with the relations between R&D and social, economic and technological development.

Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Barney G. Glaser, Anselm Strauss
New-York: Aldine De Gruyter, 1965
A study of the process of dying in American hospitals focuses upon discernible recurrent patterns of interaction between staff members, terminally ill patients, and their families. Strauss and Glaser suppose that the expectation of death by both the dying and the relatives are a key to understanding the interactions between those people. Their choice of hospitals and stations allowed them to compare various kinds of expectations. On a premature infant station, mortality was high but the patients were not aware of their impeding deaths, while on an oncology station, dying was slow and differences in the awareness of dying were very pronounced. The hypothesis results in a theory on the influence of awareness on the interaction with dying people.
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Опубликовано на портале: 08-10-2007
Peter A. Hall, David Soskice
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001
What are the most important differences among national economies? Is globalization forcing nations to converge on an Anglo-American model? What explains national differences in social and economic policy? This pathbreaking work outlines a new approach to these questions. It highlights the role of business in national economies and shows that there is more than one path to economic success.
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Standard of Living [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 15-01-2004
Amartya Sen
Ред.: Geoffrey Hawthorn
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988, 139 с.
Amartya Sen reconsiders the idea of ‘the standard of living’. He rejects the more conventional economic interpretations in terms of ‘unity’ and of wealth or ‘opulence’, and suggests an interpretation in terms of the ‘capabilities and freedoms’ that states of affairs do or do not allow. His argument is conceptual, but it refers to a wide range of examples. In elaborations of it, John Muellbauer explains how parts of it might be applied; Ravi Kanbur discusses the difficulties raised by choice ex ante, under uncertainty, and choice ex post; Keith Hart discusses the ways in which one might think about living standards in societies in which there is a substantial amount of what he calls ‘self provisioning’ outside the market; and Bernard Williams reflects on some of the moral and political implications of Sen’s argument. There is a bibliography of most of the more important works on the subject. The book will be of interest to economists, sociologists, students of development and moral and political philosophers; it will also be of interest to those concerned with public policy.
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Опубликовано на портале: 18-12-2009
Randy Hodson, Teresa A. Sullivan
Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub Co, 2008, 232 с.
THE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF WORK takes an analytical approach to the study of work that not only identifies and discusses substantive issues, but also allows students the opportunity to better develop their analysis, reasoning, and argumentative skills. The authors achieve this by combining their key areas of expertise: industrial sociology, occupations, and professions, to present a unified view of the sociology of work. Chapter topics are organized around the framework of five key themes: technology, global perspectives, class relations, gender, and race. The world of work, how it is changing, and the implications of these changes for individuals and families, is thoroughly explored in this contemporary and relevant text.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-01-2004
Andreas Huyssen, Klaus R. Scherpe
Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH, Reinbeck bei Hamburg, 1997, cерия "Rowohlts Enzyklopadie", 348 с.
Настоящая книга, впервые изданная в 1986 году немецкими авторами (Андреас Гуиссен и Клаус Р. Шерпе), представляет собой монографию, включающую научные работы различных авторов из Франции, Англии, Германии, в центре внимания которых находится проблема соотношения «модерн-постмодерн» в различных областях искусства: в архитектуре, кинематографе, литературе и литературной критике, а также в теории искусства. Также рассматривается отношение постмодерна к феминизму, эстетической теории и к постструктурализму. Книга дает представление о различных культурно-политических и национальных контекстах постмодернизма.
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Опубликовано на портале: 05-06-2003
Norman Kaplan, Norman Storer
New York: Macmillan Press, 1968, Vol. 13
Термин "Научные коммуникации" обозначает обмен идеями и информацией между учеными и является одним из главных элементов анализа в социологии науки, начиная с работ Р. Мертона. В этой статье научные коммуникации анализируются как частный случай социальных коммуникаций. Дается подробная типология научных коммуникаций.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
David Allen Karp, Gregory P. Stone, William C. Yoels
Изд-во: Praeger Publishers, 1991, 296 с.
Being Urban examines the dynamic interplay between what theoretical perceptions tell us about urban life and how ordinary people interpret and respond to the actual experience of living in cities. A major focus of inquiry is the strategies people use to create "community" in an environment where, many theorists believe, only alienation and progressive disintegration are possible. In the second edition of this important work, the authors have expanded their commitment to interdisciplinary perspectives and have also included chapters on significant topics that have been largely neglected in urban sociology. Part I provides a review of the themes of urban sociology developed by nineteenth-century classic theorists and early American social scientists. In Part II, the authors look at selected aspects of everyday city life, including the bases of community, the primacy of social interaction for an understanding of urban life, and conditions that produce the breakdown of urban tolerance for diversity of cultures and lifestyles. A new chapter in Part II studies women's experiences in cities. Part III explores institutional structures of urban life and broad patterns of cultural change. A fascinating chapter focuses on power, stratification, and class structure in cities, while a new chapter analyzes the role of sports in urban life. The final chapter discusses city life in the postindustrial era, and the demographic, cultural, and historical factors that lie behind the ongoing transformation of American cities. This new edition offers a balanced treatment that avoids the anti-urban bias characteristic of much that has been written on the subject. Being Urban is appropriate for professionals and academics concerned with urban life, as well as for courses in urban sociology.
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