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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Jackeline Velazco
Is it feasible to increase income and generate employment in the context of a traditional labour intensive rural industry with strong linkages to an agriculturally backward economy? In order to address this issue, primary data from four villages of Peruvian North Sierra was used. The case of the hat making activity, employing exclusively family labour, purchasing the main input (straw, paja de palma) from Ecuador, and with consumers concentrated on villages and small towns, was investigated. The analysis was made at the market level. Considering the context of a self-employment activity, a theoretical framework was developed to explain the determinants of labour demand, input demand, hat output and labour return. Demand and supply constraints to the expansion of hat making activity were found. Important differences in the value of labour marginal product across the sample were identified. These were mainly associated with the use of varied input quality. Growth based on local demand would not be viable given falls in consumer incomes - mainly farmers - and expected changes in consumer preferences; therefore the growth motor would rest more in market expansion and product diversification to urban consumers.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-03-2005
Raymond Vernon, Louis. T. Wells
Изд-во: Prentice-Hall, 1981, 434 с.
The authors bridge the gap between strategies of businesses and the actions of governments in international environments. They use economic concepts to help explain the international environment to students and executives. Contains Text and Cases.

Опубликовано на портале: 16-12-2009
Stella Vettori
Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007, 198 с.
How is the contract of employment to remain relevant in the changed world of work? Stella Vettori brilliantly shows that the implied duty of good faith is the ideal vehicle for adapting the contract to changing conditions. Mr Justice A A Landman High Court of South Africa. In light of the global decline in trade unions other means of protecting legitimate worker interests are explored. These include: (i)The socialisation of the law of contract; (ii)the constitutional right to fair labour practices; and (iii)the role of good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. The conclusion arrived at is that these alternative means of addressing legitimate worker interests could play a valuable role in filling the vacuum left by the worldwide decline of trade unions. The world of work has undergone major changes in the last two decades. This book examines these changes in their international context. It is argued that collective bargaining should no longer be viewed as the most important means of regulating the employment relationship. In the changed world of work such an approach is becoming less relevant. Instead, other means of protecting legitimate worker interests are explored. These include: an adaptation and extension of the general principles of the law of contract; a constitutional right to fair labour practices; and the pursuit of good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. The conclusion is that these alternative means of addressing legitimate worker interests can play a valuable role in filling the vacuum left by the worldwide decline of trade unions.
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Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
Arthur J. Vidich, Joseph Bensman
Изд-во: University of Illinois Press, 2000, 560 с.
"First published in 1958, "Small Town in Mass Society" set community studies on a new course by placing the small town within the framework of large-scale, bureaucratic mass society. Drawing attention to the dynamics of class and ethnicity in relation to economics and politics, this landmark work was among the first to document the consequences of centralized administration on life in American communities. Through a close study of ""Springdale, New York,"" Arthur J. Vidich and Joseph Bensman depict the small town as continuously and increasingly drawn into the central institutions and processes of the total society. Vidich and Bensman based their conclusions on extensive interviews with and close observation of the inhabitants of one community. The original publication of the book caused a sharp response among the town's citizens who felt their trust had been violated and their town misrepresented. The present volume includes the editorials and correspondence evoked by that controversy, the authors' articles describing their methodology, a new foreword by Michael W. Hughey, and a new afterword in which Arthur J. Vidich recounts the creation and history of the book."
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Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Robert Vienneau
Colorado: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2001
The LTV is the sound theory that market prices are attracted by prices proportional to the labor time embodied in commodities. In other words, relative prices tend towards relative labor values. The LTV is restricted to the analysis of reproducible commodities that have a use value in a capitalist society. Although the LTV is commonly associated with Classical economics, arguably neither Marx nor any first tier Classical economist accepted the LTV as a valid theory for capitalist economies.
David Ricardo, one of the greatest Classical economists, and Karl Marx thought that their analyses had greater applicability than the special cases in which the LTV is valid as a theory of price. Marx seemed to think that abstract labor time is a common substance in all commodities, while denying that prices tended to be proportional to labor values.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2003
Jack Vromen
London: Routledge, 1995, 256 с.
Economic Evolution explores three of the main approaches within the new institutional economics: the new theory of the firm, Nelson and Winter's evolutionary economics and game theoretic accounts of spontaneous evolution. Close analysis reveals that the approaches differ on such fundamental issues as the meaning of terms like 'institution' and 'evolution'. However, the book also uncovers two evolutionary mechanisms that govern processes of economic change in all of these approaches.
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Work and Motivation [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 23-03-2005
Victor H. Vroom
Изд-во: Jossey-Bass, 1994, cерия "Jossey Bass Business and Management Series", 397 с.
Why do people choose the careers they do? What factors cause people to be satisfied with their work? No single work did more to make concepts like motive, goal incentive, and attitude part of the workplace vocabulary. This landmark work, originally published in 1964, integrates the work of hundreds of researchers in individual workplace behavior to explain choice of work, job satisfaction, and job performance. Includes an extensive new introduction that highlights and updates his model for current organization behavior educators and students, as well as professionals who must extract the highest levels of productivity from today's downsized workforces.

Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Edilegnaw Wale, Detlef Virchow
Durban, 2003
Crop genetic resources are the building blocks of sustainable agricultural development due to their relevance not only as inputs for variety development but also as indigenous crop insurance mechanisms through traditional variety portfolio management. Their continuous survival is, however, threatened by natural and human driven factors. This threat has induced the need for designing conservation measures. Among the in situ and ex situ conservation options available to conserve crop genetic resources, on-farm conservation has recently attracted enormous attention. To make this option operational, placing incentives (that link conservation with utilization) and removal of perverse incentives are believed to be crucial so that landraces of no immediate interest to farmers can be conserved.

However, before designing sound incentives and/or removing perverse incentives, we have to understand farmers. motives for managing a portfolio of traditional varieties.

To address our objective, we have adopted a utility based model that considers on-farm diversity as a positive externality of farmers. livelihood decisions. Accordingly, on-farm diversity is considered as the derived outcome of farmers. revealed preferences subject to their concerns and constraints. To empirically test the relationships, a Poisson regression model is estimated using rural household survey data collected from 198 sorghum growing farmers in East Ethiopia. The results have shown the most important diversity promoting factors and those factors detaching the link between farmers’ ‘survival first’ motives and their spillover effects on sorghum diversity. Based on the results, the paper concludes outlining the policy implications of the findings.
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