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Опубликовано на портале: 14-10-2003
This comprehensive book applies modern economic principles to study a firm's strategic position. The book integrates insights from the theory of the firm, industrial organization and strategy research while building upon a strong theoretical and empirical foundation familiar to academics working in economics and strategy. The broad sweep of modern economics and strategy research is organized and presented in an appealing format. Many topics dovetail with important current research agendas. In this edition, the authors have completely reworked their discussions of a number of difficult topics, such as "make or buy fallacies", competitor identification, commitment, and strategic positioning. They also introduce a "make or buy issue tree" and an "industry analysis checklist" that readers should find very useful when assessing make or buy decisions and performing five forces analyses.
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Опубликовано на портале: 20-01-2003
David Bevan, Paul Collier, Jan Willem Gunning
New York: Oxford University Press, 1994
This book, a companion volume to Peasants and Governments by the same authors (OUP, 1990), develops macroeconomic theory for small open economies which are characterized by the sort of restrictions which make much of existing neoclassical economics inapplicable to developing countries. The applicability of this theory is demonstrated in an analysis of two temporary trade shocks in Africa.
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Опубликовано на портале: 27-02-2004
Catherine Bidou-Zachariasen
Paris: Descartes & Cie, 1997, 211 с.
Книга Биду-Захариазен "Марсель Пруст - социолог: от аристократического дома к буржуазному салону" отличается своеобразием методологического подхода к исследованию аристократической и буржуазной культуры. Автор (социолог по образованию) предпринимает попытку совместить социологический и литературный анализ и проанализировать серию романов Марселя Пруста «В поисках утраченного времени», рассматривая их как источник информации о взаимоотношении аристократии и буржуазии в период с 1880х по 1920-е годы. В книге показывается, как буржуазия находит «ахиллесову пяту» у аристократии – ее антиинтеллектуализм. Культура становится оружием атаки буржуазии на аристократию.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Maria Bielza, Alberto Garrido, Jose M. Sumpsi
Various forms of revenue insurance have been applied in Canada and in the US with relative success. In this paper different combinations of traditional agricultural policies and revenue and yield insurance are analysed for the Spanish olive oil sector. Taking a database containing about half million Spanish olive growers during 8 campaigns, five possible policies are studied and the results are examined according to different criteria including average revenue and its variability, growers utility gains, taxpayers cost and the transfer efficiency of support. The policies analysed are:
(1) non-intervention;
(2) the policy currently in force in Spain that combines a production aid with a yield insurance;
(3) a revenue insurance, only;
(4) revenue insurance combined with a production aid; and
(5) an aid per tree in combination with revenue insurance.

The methodology is based on Monte-Carlo simulations performed on about 100 groups of growers that have been grouped according to their expected yields and variability. Assuming and estimating olive oil price and yields correlations for each group of growers, the analysis allows for consistent policy comparisons at a very disaggregate level. Using the results for all analysed groups, policies are ranked based on the above criteria at the provincial and national levels. Results show that the current regime of EU production aids of olive oil eliminates the advantage of extending the current yield insurance to a revenue insurance. It is also shown that the level of support delivered by production aids cannot be reached with revenue insurance even with completely subsidised premiums. Finally, it is shown that the policy that combines tree aids with revenue insurance exhibits good results for all examining criteria.
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Опубликовано на портале: 18-12-2009
Nicole Woolsey Biggart
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989, 231 с.
Tupperware Home Parties, Shaklee Corporation, Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics—theirs is an approach to business that violates many of the basic tenets of modern American commerce. Yet these direct selling organizations, fashioned by charismatic leaders and built upon devoted armies of door-to-door representatives, have grown to constitute an $8.5 billion a year industry and provide a livelihood for more than 5 million workers, the vast majority of them women. The first full-scale study of this industry, Charismatic Capitalism, revises the standard contention that the rationalization of social institutions is an inevitable consequence of advanced capitalism. Nicole Woolsey Biggart argues instead that less rational organizations built on social networks may actually be more economically viable.
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Опубликовано на портале: 18-12-2009
Nicole Woolsey Biggart, Marco Orrú, Gary G. Hamilton
Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 1996, 426 с.
East Asia's dynamic entrance into the global economy has provided a fruitful avenue for research in economic sociology. In this perceptive and timely volume, the authors theorize Asian capitalism and analyze the economic organization of East Asia. Presenting differing dimensions of a Weberian perspective, the authors first provide a theoretical grounding, then consider capitalism in East Asia comparatively, and finally contrast the economies of East Asia and Europe. The book shows how radically different social and cultural institutions can lead to economies that are organized in remarkably similar ways.
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Опубликовано на портале: 19-02-2004
James H. Billington
Москва: Логос, 2003, 248 с.
Рассматривается развитие русской культуры с раннего средневековья до наших дней. Центральное место отводится выдающимся деятелям искусства и их произведениям – от иконописи Древней Руси до современных художественных фильмов, музыки и поэзии, оказавших влияние на мировую культуру. Автор, снискавший известность как наиболее авторитетный зарубежный исследователь русской культуры, выдвинул оригинальную концепцию ее циклического развития, раскрывающую природу творческих подъемов духовной жизни и сменяющих их периодов разрушения созданных форм и поиска новых средств художественного выражения.

Опубликовано на портале: 04-01-2004
Julian Binfield, Gary Adams, Robert Young, Patrick Westhoff
Zaragoza, 2002
Most of the large scale modeling systems used in the analysis of agricultural policies produce deterministic projections. In reality, however, the agricultural sector is subject to a high degree of uncertainty as a result of fluctuations in exogenous factors such as the weather or macroeconomic variation. A stochastic approach can provide additional information to policy makers regarding the implications of this uncertainty, through the use of stochastically generated projections.

This paper also shows how deterministic analysis may result in systematic errors in the projection of some variables. As an applied example, the FAPRI model of the US agricultural sector is simulated stochastically to analyse the impact of proposals for the new US farm bill.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-12-2003
Julian Binfield, Patrick Westhoff, Robert Young
Durban, 2003
In the Mid-Term Review (MTR), the European Commission proposed a series of changes to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). An important part of these changes was significant decoupling of support payments from production. In this paper, a partial equilibrium model of the EU agricultural sector is used to estimate the potential impacts of the MTR proposals on EU and world agricultural markets over the period 2004-2009. Effects of the MTR proposals are evaluated by comparing estimated outcomes under the proposals to those that would result under a current-policy baseline. The changes that are made in the MTR have the effect of reducing the production of the major commodities by varying amounts based on the importance of payments in production and the degree to which these payments are currently production inducing. For example, total area harvested for nine major crops falls by about 2 percent under the MTR proposals. In the livestock sector, however, where current payments are strongly coupled and form a large part of producers’ income, the reductions in production are projected to be more significant.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Elizabeth Bird, Gordon Bultena, John Gardner
Iowa: Blackwell Publishing Company, 1995, 300 с.
Сборник работ. Авторы пытаются найти ответы на вопросы - как влияет сельское хозяйство на окружающую среду, семьи фермеров, быт людей в сельской местности, а также какие методы ведения сельского хозяйства являются наиболее приемлемыми для окружающей среды, не нанося ущерба и одновременно, открывая дорогу для появления новых фермеров и оживляя развитие сельской местности.

Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Regina Birner
Participatory approaches in natural resource management are increasingly being criticized for their tendency to neglect power relations and conflicts of interests. Negotiation approaches have been proposed as a strategy to overcome such shortcomings. The increasing practical relevance of negotiation in natural resource management requires the development of theoretical concepts for analyzing the nature and outcome of such negotiation processes. Using the case of negotiations concerning crop-livestock conflicts in Sri Lanka as an empirical example, this paper applies the concept of political capital in combination with game theoretical modeling for an analysis of negotiation processes in natural resource management. An extended form game is used to examine the incentive structure of the resource users and the political decision-makers involved in the negotiation process. The pay-off of the resource users is measured in economic terms, while the pay-off of the political decision-makers is expressed in terms of political capital. The modeling exercise shows how the incentives of the resource users and the politicians depend on the probability that the public administration enforces a negotiated outcome. The paper discusses potential extensions of the model and concludes that the concept of political capital, in combination with game theoretical modeling, provides a useful tool for the analysis of negotiation approaches in natural resource management.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Markus Bjerre, Jorgen Dejgaard Jensen
The paper deals with problems concerning the current sugar policy within the Common Agricultural Policy, especially the efficiency losses due to the combination of high prices and quota on subsidised sugar production. Based on a simple econometric model, the total economic costs of the current policy setting, compared with an unregulated setting, are estimated to be in the area of 20 per cent of the total sugar production, valued at world market prices. Of these costs, some 10 per cent are due to inefficiency in the crop production, as the opportunity costs of land are not taken into account because the sugar price support within the quota overrules these opportunity costs. However, according to the estimates obtained in the present study, the main economic gains by reducing the internal prices are to be found in terms of reduced consumer costs rather than improved efficiency in land use.
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Опубликовано на портале: 11-11-2004
Gerard M. Blair
Изд-во: IEEE Press, 1996, 180 с.
Many people become managers simply because they are good at the job they were doing - not because they know how to manage. Yet few people are then given training. For these people, the book Starting to Manage provides an outline of the skills which they need to assume their new responsibility.
The skills you need to manage a small team are really common sense, but to develop that common sense you need to examine the problems and to be given some initial ideas about solutions.
Starting to Manage is a how-to guide for people with responsibility for small teams and small projects. To manage a team, you need to be skilled in:
- Communication (Presentations, Writing, Conversation)
-Leadership (Team-work, Delegation, People)
-Organization (Time Management, Quality, Project Planning)... ... and that is what this book is about. It deals simply with the range of skills the manager needs to get the job done. Nine chapters focus upon the nine skills above by providing practical ideas and small exercises to show you how to practise these skills at work as you learn them. And the final chapter discusses greatness.
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Опубликовано на портале: 21-10-2003
This book reexamines one of the most provocative and debated models of bureaucratic behavior, as developed by William A. Niskanen in his seminal book, Bureaucracy and Representative Government(1971). His theory has been discussed, tested, and amended by scholars over twenty years. In The Budget-Maximizing Bureaucrat, Niskanen now offers his own reassessment. Thirteen scholars then evaluate the wide array of findings, both qualitative and quantitative, relevant to the various aspects of the model, offering conclusions about the merits and limits of the theory and suggesting alternative explanations of bureaucratic behavior.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-12-2003
Guy Blaise Nkamleu, Jim Gokowski, Harounan Kazianga
Durban, 2003
This paper examines changes in agricultural productivity in 10 Sub-saharan countries. The relative performance of agricultural sector was gauged using data envelopment analysis. From a panel data set of the 10 countries which included the 28-year period 1972-1999, mathematical programming methods were used to measure Malmquist indexes of total factor productivity. It was found that, during that period, total factor productivity have experienced a negative evolution in sample countries. A decomposition of those measures suggest that, most of the weak performance of factors productivity is attributable more to technological change than technical efficiency change. French-speaking countries better succeeded to raise their productivity than English-speaking countries do. In addition, it have been found that Sahelian countries failed to rise their agricultural productivity compared to forest countries where a positive evolution have been detected.
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