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Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2003
David A. Aaker, Erich Joachimsthaler
New York: Free Press, 2000
Building and managing brands, though obviously vital and necessary steps in the process, do not make up the whole picture of the successful development of a brand. What is needed is strategic brand leadership. Implementing this kind of leadership, Aaker and Joachimsthaler insist, requires a radical shift in an organization's culture, its structure, and its systems. They discuss the important components of brand leadership. To support and demonstrate their ideas, the authors conducted hundreds of corporate case studies throughout Europe and the U.S. Brand Leadership provides invaluable advice for anyone looking to focus and direct that effort toward a profitable and lasting result.

Для успешного развития бренда недостаточно только создания и управления брендами, хотя они являются необходимыми и жизненно важными шагами процесса; для этого необходимо добиваться стратегического лидерства в области брендов. По утверждению авторов, осуществление такого вида лидерства требует радикального изменения организационной культуры, структуры и всех систем. В книге обсуждаются важные компоненты лидерства в области брендов, иллюстрированные огромным количеством европейских и американских кейсов.
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Опубликовано на портале: 04-01-2004
Philip D. Adams, Lill Andersen, Lars-Bo Jacobsen
Zaragoza, 2002
We describe how an applied dynamic general equilibrium model of the Danish economy has been developed to generate structural forecasts. The forecasts provide a microeconomic picture that is consistent with a macroeconomic scenario and the other inputs. We provide an overview of the inputs required to generate the forecasts and of the forecast methodology. Finally, we present aspects of the forecasting results.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Rajeev Ahuja, Johannes Jutting
Community based micro insurance has aroused much interest and hope in meeting health care challenges facing the poor. In this paper we explore how institutional rigidities such as credit constraint impinge on demand for health insurance and how insurance could potentially prevent poor households from falling into poverty trap. In this setting, we argue that the appropriate public intervention in generating demand for insurance is not to subsidise premium but to remove these rigidities (easing credit constraint in the present context).

Thus from insurance perspective as well, our analysis highlights the importance of having appropriate savings and borrowing instruments for the poor.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2008
Gregory Jackson
Ред.: Masahiko Aoki, Hideaki Miyajima
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007, 0199284512, 416 с.
This book uses comparative institutional analysis to explain differences in national economic performance. Countries have their own rules for corporate governance and they have different market arrangements; and these differences in rules and organization affect the way firms behave. Countries also tend to develop conventions of organizational architechture of firms, whether their hierarchies are functional, horizontal, or decentralized. This affects the way in which they process information, and information management is increasingly seen as being of crucial importance to a firm's performance. Aoki accords more importance to these factors than to the factors conventionally used in applying a neoclassical model of economic efficiency. He applies game theory, contract theory, and information theory. By describing the rules and norms in Japan, the USA, and the transitional economies, Aoki shows how firms can achieve competitive advantage in international markets if these conventions and rules are well suited to the industrial sector in which the firms operate. He is particularly concerned with how Japan, with its main bank and lifelong employment systems, as well as information-sharing firm organizational structure, might reform its institutions to maintain competitive advantage in the world economy.
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2002
Julia Balogun, Anne Sigismund Huff, Phyl Johnson
Empirical studies of strategising face contradictory pressures. Ethnographic approaches are attractive, and typically expected. We argue, however, that todays large, multinational, and highly diversified organisational settings require supplementary methods providing more breadth and flexibility. This paper discusses three particularly promising approaches (interactive discussion groups, self-reports, and practitioner-led research) that fit the increasingly disparate research paradigms now being used to understand strategising and other management issues. Each of these approaches is based on the idea that strategising research cannot advance significantly without reconceptualising frequently taken-for-granted assumptions. The paper focuses in particular on the importance of working with organisational members as research partners rather than passive informants.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Markus Bjerre, Jorgen Dejgaard Jensen
The paper deals with problems concerning the current sugar policy within the Common Agricultural Policy, especially the efficiency losses due to the combination of high prices and quota on subsidised sugar production. Based on a simple econometric model, the total economic costs of the current policy setting, compared with an unregulated setting, are estimated to be in the area of 20 per cent of the total sugar production, valued at world market prices. Of these costs, some 10 per cent are due to inefficiency in the crop production, as the opportunity costs of land are not taken into account because the sugar price support within the quota overrules these opportunity costs. However, according to the estimates obtained in the present study, the main economic gains by reducing the internal prices are to be found in terms of reduced consumer costs rather than improved efficiency in land use.
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Опубликовано на портале: 11-12-2002
Dee Brereton, Oswald Jones
The topic of entrepreneurship has been the subject of a considerable amount of academic interest over the last twenty years. Despite a vast amount of published work there have been very few attempts to study the entrepreneurial process. In other words, we know little of the what happens as an entrepreneur moves from idea to the objective reality of a fully functioning business. A more recent phenomenon has been the shift from a focus on entrepreneurial traits to the study of entrepreneurial networks. This is recognition that even the most individualistic of entrepreneurs rely heavily on their social relationships during the creation of a new business. These two factors, networks and the entrepreneurial process, are brought together in this paper which utilises a first-hand account of activities associated with business startups. The paper also examines the way in which MBA education provides useful skills to even the most experienced entrepreneur.
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2003
Dave Chaffey, Richard Mayer, Kevin Johnston, Fiona Ellis-Chadwick
Изд-во: Pearson Education, 2002, 512 с.
Internet Marketing will be invaluable for students studying e-marketing, e-commerce or Internet marketing at second, third or postgraduate level, as well as specialist courses involving Internet marketing. It should also prove invaluable for practitioners wishing to update their e-marketing skills. Internet Marketing is a comprehensive guide to how organisations can use the Internet to support their marketing activities and covers all aspects of Internet marketing - environment analysis, strategy development and implementation.

Книга охватывает все аспекты Интернет-маркетинга: анализ среды, разработка и осуществление стратегии, и может служить прекрасным гидом для организаций, показывая, как они могут использовать Интернет для поддержки своей маркетинговой деятельности. Интернет-маркетинг ориентирован на студентов, изучающих е-коммерцию или Интернет-маркетинг, специалистов в данных областях, а также практикам, желающим улучшить свои навыки в области Интернет-маркетинга.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-04-2004
Richard B. Chase, Nicholas J. Aquilano, Robert F. Jacobs
Москва: Вильямс, 2001, 704 с.
В книге рассмотрен весь спектр вопросов операционного менеджмента - от выбора бизнес-стратегии и проектирования продукта или услуги до их фактического исчезновения с последующим полным обновлением продуктовой, производственной и организационной базы. Детально рассмотрены самые употребительные методики проектирования процессов, прогнозирования, планирования, снабжения, сбыта и размещения производства. Приведены и проанализированы новейшие идеи в области управления производством и сервисом. Книга написана простым для понимания языком, с минимальным применением специальной терминологии и математики, содержит много практических примеров, прекрасно иллюстрирована в тексте и прилагаемым компакт-диском и потому доступна самому широкому кругу читателей. Книга предназначена для изучения основ современного производственного и операционного менеджмента студентами и аспирантами экономических специальностей, для повышения квалификации руководителей и менеджеров производственных предприятий и сервиса, а также для ознакомления с накопленными идеями, методиками и опытом в производственной и сервисной сферах и их практическим использованием предпринимателями в любой сфере деятельности.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
John Cullis, Philip Jones
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998, 446 с.
Are the way in which governments tax and spend efficient, and are they equitable? These questions are central to public sector economics and this second edition of Public Finance and Public Choice illustrates the controversies which surround them. This new edition continues to focus on both the social optimality and public choice approaches but also includes alternative perspectives. This successful text has been extensively rewritten, offering further microeconomic insight and additional examples of the application of theory. New sections include: The private provision of public goods Privatization The quasi market The EC budget QALYs (Quality Adjusted Life Years) Public debt The impact of the public sector on economic growth. This clearly written, rigorous text offers a complete course in the economics of the public sector. It will be an indispensable text for students studying public economics, and also for students taking technical public policy or public administration courses. Readership: Main market is advanced undergraduates (second/third year undergraduates in UK and Europe) majoring in economics taking a course option entitled Public Economics. A relevant course may also be taught on Politics, Government or Public Administration degrees, entitled Public Finance, or Public Administration.
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Опубликовано на портале: 21-12-2006
Alan Felstead, Nick Jewson, Sally Walters
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, 208 с.
The places and spaces of managerial and professional work are changing rapidly. Long-established routines and disciplines of the personal office are being superseded in a multiplicity of new locations, such as 'hot desks', 'touchdown areas', 'home offices', motorway service stations, airport lounges, cars, trains and planes. Drawing on original research, this book analyses the impact of these developments on the experience of time and space, privacy and surveillance, freedom and constraint in everyday working life.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Soren E. Frandsen, Hans G. Jensen
This article presents and analyses the impacts of the EU sugar policy. Particular attention is given to the modelling of the quite complex policy and the calibration of the global general equilibrium model at the member state level. Two scenarios are analysed, namely a reduction in the intervention price of sugar and the sugar quota. It is found that the economic impacts of the two scenarios are quite different in terms of the effects on European production and trade in sugar as well in terms of efficiency. The impacts for developing countries also differ considerably across the two scenarios.
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Опубликовано на портале: 26-05-2004
Lawrence J. Gitman, Michael D. Joehnk
Москва: Дело, 1999, 1008 с.
Книга является одним из наиболее популярных на Западе фундаментальных учебников по инвестированию. Рассматриваются глобальные аспекты инвестиционной деятельности, роль инвестирования в экономике, стратегия и средства достижения инвестиционных целей, участники инвестиционного процесса, виды инвесторов и инвестиций, инструменты инвестирования и многое другое. Книга предназначена для студентов, преподавателей, специалистов по рынку ценных бумаг, менеджеров различных уровней.
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Опубликовано на портале: 15-07-2004
Financial econometrics is a great success story in economics. Econometrics uses data and statistical inference methods, together with structural and descriptive modeling, to address rigorous economic problems. Its development within the world of finance is quite recent and has been paralleled by a fast expansion of financial markets and an increasing variety and complexity of financial products. This has fueled the demand for people with advanced econometrics skills.
For professionals and advanced graduate students pursuing greater expertise in econometric modeling, this is a superb guide to the field's frontier. With the goal of providing information that is absolutely up-to-date--essential in today's rapidly evolving financial environment--Gourieroux and Jasiak focus on methods related to foregoing research and those modeling techniques that seem relevant to future advances. They present a balanced synthesis of financial theory and statistical methodology. Recognizing that any model is necessarily a simplified image of reality and that econometric methods must be adapted and applied on a case-by-case basis, the authors employ a wide variety of data sampled at frequencies ranging from intraday to monthly. These data comprise time series representing both the European and North American markets for stocks, bonds, and foreign currencies. Practitioners are encouraged to keep a critical eye and are armed with graphical diagnostics to eradicate misspecification errors.
This authoritative, state-of-the-art reference text is ideal for upper-level graduate students, researchers, and professionals seeking to update their skills and gain greater facility in using econometric models. All will benefit from the emphasis on practical aspects of financial modeling and statistical inference. Doctoral candidates will appreciate the inclusion of detailed mathematical derivations of the deeper results as well as the more advanced problems concerning high-frequency data and risk control. By establishing a link between practical questions and the answers provided by financial and statistical theory, the book also addresses the needs of applied researchers employed by financial institutions.
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Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Jan Grund, Bjorn Hennestad, Jon-Arild Johannesen, Agneta Karlsson, Johan Olaisen
The objective of this paper is to contribute to a perspective on economic performance; i.e. the interaction between norms specific to a company, the knowledge basis of the company and innovation. The main questions in this article are: What is the connection between norms specific to the company, the knowledge basis of the company and innovation? The main thesis in the article is that a companys capabilities are primarily developed on the basis of social norms and values already existing in the social relations of the company. This in turn influences how the company develops and applies the knowledge basis, thus influencing innovation strategies.
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