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Опубликовано на портале: 04-01-2004
Geir Wachler Gustavsen, Kyrre Rickertsen
Zaragoza, 2002
Increased consumption of vegetables may reduce obesity and the prevalence of cardiac diseases and cancer. Norwegians consume less vegetables than nutrition experts recommend and the per capita consumption is lower than in most European countries.

To investigate the causes of low consumption, a two-step approach is used to estimate the demand segmented by nine different household types. In the first step, a probit model is estimated to investigate the decision whether to purchase traditional vegetables, salad vegetables, and industrially processed vegetables. Conditional on purchase, an almost ideal demand model is used to model how much to purchase. The own-price elasticities and total expenditure elasticities are high for traditional and industrially processed vegetables for most household types. Especially households with children have elastic demand. Lower value added tax or lower import tariffs for traditional and industrially processed vegetables will increase the demand for these vegetables, while reducing the price of salad vegetables seem to have a limited effect. For households with children, increased incomes have large effects on the demand for traditional and industrially processed vegetables indicating that, for example, increased child support will result in increased vegetable consumption.
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Опубликовано на портале: 12-05-2003
Larry N. Gerston
Armonk: M.E. Sharpe, 2003
В центре внимания автора книги "Публичное формирование политики в демократическом обществе: руководство по гражданскому участию" стоит вопрос о причинах массового поддержания целого ряда гражданских инициатив и одновременного падения престижа политики в американском обществе. По мнению автора в условиях демократии политика, в той или иной форме, является основным способом граждан влиять на решения, а также на тех, кто принимает решения, формирующие политический курс на всех уровнях нашего общества.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Roberto Esposti, Pierpaolo Pierani
The public R&D capital stock is introduced as a quasi-fixed input in a variable cost function. The relative shadow price allows the correct measurement of the equilibrium levels of quasi-fixed inputs thus explicitly assessing the hypothesis of public R&D under (over) investment. By introducing an appropriate R&D price in the long-run equilibrium, the model can also provide empirical evidence on the rationale driving public R&D investment and on the hypothesis that free-riding on public R&D can explain overinvestment. Moreover, the model allows a formal testing of the induced innovation hypothesis and a more accurate calculation of both internal rate of return to R&D and residual exogenous productivity growth. The empirical implications of the model are appraised in the case of Italian agriculture for the period 1960-1995.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-12-2003
Rosanna Nistico, Giovanni Anania
Durban, 2003
Most food products can be classified as ‘credence’ goods and regulations exist to provide consumers with a substitute for the lacking information and trust. The paper presents an analysis of the decisions of producers and consumers about a ‘credence’ good in three institutional scenarios, which reflect different levels of credibility of the regulation.

The first scenario is a reference scenario in which the regulation is fully credible. In the second case considered there is no regulation, or, if there is, it is totally ineffective. In the third scenario a regulation only partially credible provides consumers with an imperfect substitute for the information and trust they lack. Some of the producers of ‘low’ quality goods share with the producers of .high. quality goods an interest in the introduction of a regulation as long as this is not fully credible. In addition, it may be the case that even producers of ’low’ quality goods who know they will not be able to sell their products labeling them as being of ‘high’ quality may have an interest in supporting a not fully credible regulation. Finally, rather than having producers of ‘low’ quality goods ‘block’ the introduction of a fully credible regulation, producers of ‘high’ quality goods are better off when a compromise is reached which leads to the approval of an imperfect regulation.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-04-2007
John A. Rohr
Изд-во: University Press of Kansas, 1998, 208 с.
Rohr's opening essays demonstrate that responsible use of administrative discretion is the key issue for career civil servants. Subsequent sections examine approaches to training civil servants using constitutional principles; character formation resulting from study of the constitutional tradition; and the ethical choices that are sometimes posed by separation of powers. A final group of chapters shows how a study of other countries' constitutional traditions can deepen an understanding of our own, while a closing essay looks at past issues and future prospects in administrative ethics from the perspective of Rohr's long involvement in the field.
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Опубликовано на портале: 06-01-2004
Ред.: Dominique van de Walle
USA: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996, 248 с.
Queries whether public spending is meeting its objective of improving equity by promoting the redistribution of income, focusing on the meagerness of theoretical and analytic tools to guide policy makers. Contributors report evidence from rich and poor countries on the outcome of spending for education and health, cash transfers, food subsidies, and public employment. Others consider such aspects as the political economy of targeting, measurement tools, and administrative costs.

Опубликовано на портале: 27-04-2007
Kenneth Lysons, Brian Farrington
Изд-во: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2006, 709 с.
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, now in its 6/e is a much revised and enlarged version of this successful textbook. The authors take an integrated approach, drawing on the many disciplines from ethics and human resources to suppliers, sourcing and strategy that all contribute to a full knowledge of purchasing practice and techniques. This 6/e has been substantially revised, with 3 new chapters, to take account of recent developments in this area. The book covers the syllabus of the CIPS in respect of the Foundation Stage subjects Introduction to Supply and Materials Management' and `Legal and Procurement Processes' and the Graduate Diploma, Professional Stage core and option subjects of `Purchasing and Supply Chain Management I- Strategy', and `Purchasing and Supply Chain Management II- Tactics and Operations'
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Опубликовано на портале: 13-02-2007
Paul Robert Milgrom
Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006, cерия "Churchill Lectures in Economics", 392 с.
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to modern auction theory and its important new applications. It is written by a leading economic theorist whose suggestions guided the creation of the new spectrum auction designs. Aimed at graduate students and professionals in economics, the book gives the most up-to-date treatments of both traditional theories of 'optimal auctions' and newer theories of multi-unit auctions and package auctions, and shows by example how these theories are used. The analysis explores the limitations of prominent older designs, such as the Vickrey auction design, and evaluates the practical responses to those limitations. It explores the tension between the traditional theory of auctions with a fixed set of bidders, in which the seller seeks to squeeze as much revenue as possible from the fixed set, and the theory of auctions with endogenous entry, in which bidder profits must be respected to encourage participation.
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