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Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2003
Christopher E. Bogan, Michael J. English
New York: McGraw Hill, 1994
The authors note that benchmarking is the systematic process of searching for best practices, innovative ideas, and highly effective operating procedures that lead to superior performance. Best practice benchmarking, considering the experience of others, is a fundamental approach to managing in today's work world. New and innovative methods are important because organizations must look outside to find the best practices in order to motivate their organization to meet the highest standards possible. Included in the appendix are worksheets that can be copied in order to integrate benchmarking into the organization.
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Опубликовано на портале: 17-09-2003
Dieter Bogenhold
The paper tries to provide some arguments in favour of the necessity to include soft dimensions like a social network perspective to enriche discussion about business start-ups. The creation of a venture is not only based on traditional key elements as labour, capital and technology but also on social assets which are commonly called social capital. The analysis of social capital in the framework of the establishment of new corporations gives a convincing example for the need of further socioeconomic research. Social network analysis can enrich traditional economic research and can highlight limitations of pure neo-classic thought.
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Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Irma Bogenrieder, Bart Nooteboom
This article investigates what learning groups there are in organizations, other than the familiar communities of practice. It first develops an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for identifying, categorizing and understanding learning groups. For this, it employs a constructivist, interactionist theory of knowledge and learning. It employs elements of transaction cost theory and of social theory of trust. Transaction cost economics neglects learning and trust, but elements of the theory are still useful. The framework is used in an empirical study in a consultancy company, to explore what learning groups there are, and to see if its theory can explain their functioning and their success or failure.
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Опубликовано на портале: 13-01-2004
Silke Boger, Volker Beckmann
Durban, 2003
The paper investigates theoretically and empirically the role of courts for contract enforcement in transition agriculture. In a survey of 306 Polish hog farmers conducted in 1999, only 38.5% of them reported to believe that they could use courts to enforce contracts with their most important customer. Furthermore, those who believe the legal system could be used would accept significant financial losses before taking action.

We develop a theoretical model, based on the costs and benefits of court enforcement, which captures the boundary between contracts to be regarded as "enforceable" and "not-enforceable" and, simultaneously, the threshold of taking legal action. The empirical analysis strongly supports our model: (1) the farmers. responds can be explained by cost-benefit calculations regarding the use of courts, (2) the legal "enforceability" of contracts depends not only on the efficiency of the legal system, but also on the attributes of the transaction, the contracts and the relationship between buyer and seller, and (3) the threshold of taking legal action is significantly influenced by indirect costs of court enforcement, such as the disruption of a valuable relationship, and by the availability of alternative enforcement mechanisms.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Peter Bogetoft, Kurt Nielsen
Durban, 2003
This paper discuss the design of multidimensional yardstick based procurement auction. The suggested design combines Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) based yardstick schemes with the multidimensional score auction. The principal select a single winner to perform a project, characterized by a multidimensional vector. The design is especially useful when there are uncertainty about the underlying common cost structure as well as the principal’s valuation function. Potential applications in natural resource management is provided.
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Опубликовано на портале: 27-04-2007
George W. Bohlander, Karl Shell, Arthur W. Sherman
Изд-во: Academic Internet Publishers, 2006, 356 с.
Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included.look no further for study resources or reference material. Cram101 Textbook Outlines gives all of the outlines, highlights, notes, and practice-tests for your textbook. Only Cram101 is Textbook Specific. Cram101 is NOT the Textbook.
Text provides a functional and practical understanding of human resources programs, enabling readers to see how human resources affects all employees, the organization, the community, and the larger society. Includes the latest versions of the posters of all major federal regulations governing human resources management.
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-12-2003
Stefan Bojnec, Liesbeth Dries, Johan Swinnen
Durban, 2003
This paper analyses the determinants of agricultural labor flows and the role of human capital in this process on the basis of the Slovenian Labor Force Surveys for the years 1993 to 1999. The household heads living in larger households, having a larger farm size, and working full-time (more hours per week) in permanent jobs are more likely to stay in agricultural employment. The empirical evidence clearly suggests that human capital plays a crucial role for labor mobility and labor adjustment. Young, female and educated individuals are more likely to enter into employment in non-agricultural, particularly service activities.

There are remarkable circular flows of elderly and less educated persons between being employed in agriculture, unemployment and retirement pools. Small-scale and part-time farming provide temporary employment opportunities. Investments in human capital to improve quality of labor in agriculture and to increase mobility and flexibility of labor are the key issues in synergy reducing labor mismatch and improving efficiency in labor flow adjustment.
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Опубликовано на портале: 12-05-2003
Derek C. Bok
Harvard: Harvard University Press, 2003
После рассмотрения ряда социальных проблем США - от бедных школ до дорогостоящего медицинского обслуживания и высокого уровня преступности, - и определения их происхождения, автор книги Д. Бок ищет главные причины неудач и провалов правительства, предлагая средства исцеления.
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Опубликовано на портале: 20-02-2004
Georg Bollenbeck
Frankfurt am Mein: Fischer Verlag, 1999, 463 с.
Эта книга под названием "Традиция, авангард, реакция. Немецкие споры о культурном модерне, 1880-1945" продолжает тематику предыдущей известной монографии автора («Образование и культура. Блеск и нищета немецкой модели интерпретации [Deutungsmuster]», 1994) рассматривает проблематику искусства через призму социальных конфликтов и политических споров в Германии при разных политических режимах: авторитарном государстве Гогенцоллернов, демократической системе Веймарской республики и тоталитарном порядке национал-социализма. В этих дебатах о принципах и методах художественного, культурного обновления политические и социальные вопросы оказываются не просто внешними параметрами бытования искусства как такового, а значимыми факторами общего движения истории немецкого общества и культуры в определяющий для европейского и мирового развития период. Конкретный анализ историко-культурного и общественно-политического материала позволяет выявить специфику и значимость немецкого примера среди прочих стран (автор продолжает здесь признанные исторические работы Ф. Рингера «Закат немецких мандаринов» и В.Ю. Моммзена «Бюргерская культура и художественный авангард, 1870-1918»).

Опубликовано на портале: 27-03-2004
Luc Boltanski, Eve Chiapello
Paris: Gallimard, 1999, cерия "NRF essais", 843 с.
Книга социологов Евы Шиапелло и Люка Болтански посвящена анализу критики капитализма. Капитализм процветает, общество в упадке. Рост дохода сопровождается ростом масштабов социального исключения. Авторы утверждают, что в кризисе находится, в действительности, не капитализм, а его критика. Слишком часто, опираясь на устаревшие формы анализа, критика заставляет многих несогласных обращаться к формам защиты, которые были эффективны в прошлом, но совершенно не соответстствуют модальностям современного быстро трансформирующегося капитализма. Ева Шиапелло и Люк Болтански анализируют истоки этого кризиса. Они прослеживают контуры того, что названо в книге “новым духом капитализма”, основываясь на анализе менеджерских текстов, ставших проводником нового менталитета патроната, способствовавшего продвижению новых форм организации предприятий: с середины 1970-х годов капитализм отказывается от фордистского принципа иерархической организации труда и развивает новые организационные структуры сетевого типа, предполагающие инициативу социальных акторов и относительную автономию их труда, но в качестве платы за такое развитие последние вынуждены приносить в жертву свою материальную и психологическую безопасность. Ни “социальная критика” капитализма, ни его “художественная критика” неспособны к адекватному анализу этих изменений. Авторы предлагают новые концептуальные инструменты, которые, с их точки зрения, способны обновить оба критических течения и сделать критику адекватной современной стадии развития капитализма.
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Опубликовано на портале: 19-04-2007
James F. Bolt, Michael E. McGrath, Mike Dulworth
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2005, 196 с.
Strategic Executive Development--written by three leaders in the field of executive development, James F. Bolt, Michael McGrath and Michael Dulworth--shows how world-class companies use executive development to drive business strategy and affect growth. This important resource presents five strategic uses of executive development that produce demonstrable business impact. Based on empirical data gathered from their extensive research and consulting, and a comprehensive survey of executive development in leading organizations, this book answers the key question: What are the investments in executive development that have the biggest impact? Using illustrative case studies, the authors clearly demonstrate how executive development is being successfully implemented at some of the world's most recognizable and enduring companies, including Texas Instruments. These cases describe what is working and why, offer insights into the key process steps, and show how companies have measured and validated the effects of executive development. Strategic Executive Development offers the framework needed to create an executive development strategy and program that will help your organization achieve measurable business results and develop the executive capabilities needed to win in the marketplace
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2002
Andrea Bonaccorsi, Paola Giuri, Francesca Pierotti
The paper studies the relations between technological strategies and market success of firms, through an empirical analysis of the commercial aero-engine industry since 1948 to 1997 detailed at the level of competition among single firms products. It uses a multidimensional measure of technical progress through Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for measuring technological performances of single products and firms and data on sales of each product over time for representing market success. The paper confirms the existence of heterogeneity of firms technological strategies and draws some main conclusions with respect to strategies of convergence and divergence from the technological frontier, first mover advantage and survival of inefficient products.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-03-2005
Andrea Bonfiglio, Emilio Chiodo
The objective of this paper is to evaluate the overall impact produced by the application of European development policies for rural areas of the Italian Marche region for the period 2000-2003. Towards this aim, the input-output approach is adopted. A Marche regional I-O table is firstly constructed using a hybrid method. To evaluate the overall impact throughout the territory, two models are developed and applied recursively: an interregional I-O model and a gravity model. As for the former, sub-interregional I-O tables are constructed, where the regions under study are, on one hand, the functional area receiving funds and, on the other hand, the rest of the Marche region. The gravity model is instead used to allocate among the other areas the impact calculated for the rest of the region. To show how the impact is distributed among regional areas, a Geographical Information System is used. The paper concludes illustrating the main results in terms of overall impact generated by policy and providing some considerations related to policy effectiveness.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-05-2008
Robert P. Bood
This paper is about the role of scenarios in strategic management. Generally, a scenario depicts some feasible future state of organizational's environment and mostly includes the dynamic sequence of interacting events, conditions and changes that is nessasary to reach that state. The scenario approach changed considerably during the last two deacades. This reflected in the different functions ascribed to scenarios. The more traditional functions (in first generation scenarios) are tool for evaluation and selection of ctrategies, integration of various kinds of data, and exploration and identification of future possibilities. The more recent ones (in second generation scenarios) are making managers aware of environmental uncertainties, stretching of managers' mental models, and triggering and accelerating processes of organizational learning. The paper discusses especially the later cluster of functions wich are closely linked to each other.
By linking the dynamic-development process to Kolb's learning cycle and strategic management, the strategic learning cycle can be enhanced. The strategic learning cycle elucidates a number of bottlenecks that may seriously hinder learning within strategic management. Scenarios seem to dissolve these bottelnecks and in doing so support strategic learning.
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2003
Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz
USA: South-Western College, 2002