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Опубликовано на портале: 12-12-2003
Federico Sturzenegger, Mariano Tommasi, Allan Drazen, Raquel Fernandez, Dani Rodrik, Alberto Alesina, Raúl Laban, Vittorio Grilli, Guillermo Mondino, Andres Velasco, Joshua Aizenman, Shang-Jin Wei, Gerard Roland, Mathias Dewatripont, César Martinelli, Ricardo López Murphy, Alex Cukierman
Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 1998, 362 с.
In this book, Federico Sturzenegger and Mariano Tommasi propose formal models to answer some of the questions raised by the recent reform experience of many Latin American and East European countries. They apply common standards of analytical rigor to the study of economic and political behavior, assuming political agents to be rational and forward-looking, with expectations consistent with the properties of the underlying model.

The book is organized around three basic questions: first, why do reforms take place? Second, how are reforms implemented? And third, which candidates are most likely to undertake reform? Although most of the chapters deal with policy issues in developing economies, the findings also apply to areas such as social security and health care reform in industrialized countries.
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Опубликовано на портале: 03-12-2003
Derry Trampe, Churk Parker, Tammie Fischer, Mary Lynn Reiser
Omaha, USA: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, 2002, 72 с.
Now, with some 280 million people and mile after beautiful mile of land in the United States, are resources limited? Do you always get what you want? Neither do I. But this means that relative to our unlimited wants, resources are limited. When the ideas of unlimited wants and limited resources are used together, you will often see the word scarcity mentioned. Scarcity is a shorthand way of referring to the combination of unlimited wants and limited resources. So, in some books you see a basic definition of economics as the study of scarcity.
As we move forward and go through these lesson plans, remember the focus is on the entrepreneur in the context of economics. Also, remember the entrepreneur is the human resource in charge of organizing all the other resources in production. These lessons are designed to help you as a Nebraska teacher teach to and assess some of the standards for social studies, reading and writing, and mathematics. Each lesson will identify the standards addressed in that lesson by number. A grid is included in this curriculum that has the standards written out in full along with the lesson(s) that address each
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Опубликовано на портале: 19-05-2004
Jack Trout, Steve Rivkin
Санкт-Петербург: Питер, 2002, cерия "Деловой бестселлер", 224 с.
Перед вами еще одна книга от всемирно признанного короля позиционирования Джека Траута. Каждая его работа - это бомба, которая сотрясает не только устои маркетинговой теории, но и практики бизнеса. На этот раз Джек Траут и Стив Ривкин изумительнейшим образом демонстрируют, что дифференцирование является краеугольным камнем успешного маркетинга, предлагают разумные решения по выживанию в условиях бешеной конкуренции, дают своевременные и авторитетные рекомендации, в соответствии с которыми завтра будут строиться стратегии маркетинга. Эту книгу обязательно должны прочесть как теоретики, так и практики, как студенты, так и преподаватели, а также все, кто стремится стать победителем на рынке, который не прощает ошибок.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-03-2005
Heinz Wendt, Josef Efken, Inge Uetrecht, Albert Regine
Beside other measures the framework of regulation 1257 (EC)/1999 offered the possibility to implement promotion schemes in food processing and marketing (Art. 25-28). The regulation also claims an evaluation of such measures geared to guidelines formulated through the EUCommission for this purpose. The EU, therefore, has been defined two types of common evaluation questions: chapter specific questions and cross cutting questions. In order to answer these questions a methodological IT-based approach and questionnaire was developed. The methodological approach is presented in detail and also important factors affecting the process of implementation to get sufficient support throughout all stages and authorities involved. First results indicate the intentions of the investors so far and mainly reflect the potential of the database gained through the questionnaire such as detailed breakdown of aims of the supported investments, indicators for competitiveness and a first attempt to get an aggregate measure to assess envisaged aims.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
C.M. Yates, T. Rehman
In order to respond to the current pressures on agriculture in the EU, the industry will have to go through fundamental structural change. Economic modelling provides the framework for understanding such changes. Mathematical programming is probably the most robust of all the modelling approaches notwithstanding several criticisms of the technique. Economists have long understood that profit maximisation is not the only objective of farmers. Although there are techniques to incorporate other objectives there does not exist a statistically rigorous method for estimating an appropriate objective functions. This problem also occurs at national and international levels of aggregation. This paper presents a new approach to modelling national and international production and trade through partial equilibrium and the use of a new development called positivistic mathematical programming. The nonlinear element of the objective function representing the partial equilibrium is estimated using past observations on supply, consumption and prices.

Further, the paper also presents an original parameterisation of the demand curve that allows perfect competition to be simulated within the framework of a single mathematical model. Such a methodology is an advancement over methods that are currently in use.
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Опубликовано на портале: 12-12-2003
Linxiu Zhang, Alan de Brauw, Scott Rozelle
Durban, 2003
The major objective of this paper is to discuss the development of rural labor markets in China during the past two decades and understand how it has affected women. Using household survey data that we collected in 2001, we examine the role of women in labor markets by examining employment and migration trends and changes in wages. According to the data of our nearly national representative sample, we find that there has been a sharp overall increase in off-farm participation, most of the increase has been driven by young migrants, and women, especially those in the youngest cohorts, have participated at rates equaling or surpassing those of their male counterparts. We also find that the wages of women have not been adversely affected by the emergence of liberalized labor markets and that when women, mostly middle-aged and older ones, are left in charge of farm work, the productivity of crop production does not fall.
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