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Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Ред.: Robert F. Engle
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003
In this interesting survey of recent developments in the field of cointegration, the authors discuss how cointegration (the linking of long run components of a pair or of a group or series), can be used to discuss some types of equilibrium and to introduce those equilibria into time-series models in a fairly uncontroversial way. The authors discuss the basic ideas in their introduction and the final chapters review the most recent developments in the field in a non-technical manner.

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Arthur S. Goldberger
Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2003
This is a textbook for the standard undergraduate econometrics course. Its only prerequisites are a semester course in statistics and one in differential calculus. Arthur Goldberger, an outstanding researcher and teacher of econometrics, views the subject as a tool of empirical inquiry rather than as a collection of arcane procedures. The central issue in such inquiry is how one variable is related to one or more others. Goldberger takes this to mean "How does the average value of one variable vary with one or more others?" and so takes the population conditional mean function as the target of empirical research. The structure of the book is similar to that of Goldberger's graduate-level textbook, A Course in Econometrics, but the new book is richer in empirical material, makes no use of matrix algebra, and is primarily discursive in style. A great strength is that it is both intuitive and formal, with ideas and methods building on one another until the text presents fairly complicated ideas and proofs that are often avoided in undergraduate econometrics. To help students master the tools of econometrics, Goldberger provides many theoretical and empirical exercises and, on an accompanying diskette, real micro-and macroeconomic data sets. The data sets deal with earnings and education, money demand, firm investment, stock prices, compensation and productivity, and the Phillips curve.
ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Advances in Econometrics [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 09-12-2010


This series serves as a valuable research tool for economists and business analysts desiring to incorporate the latest developments in econometric methodology in their work. Emphasis is placed on expositional clarity and ease of assimilation for readers who are unfamiliar with a given topic of a volume.

Biometrika [интернет ресурс]
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Biometrika is primarily a journal of statistics in which emphasis is placed on papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications. From time to time, papers in bordering fields are also published. Biometrika is published by the Biometrika Trust and distributed by Oxford University Press.

Econometric Theory [интернет ресурс]
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Econometric Theory is an international journal dedicated to advancing theoretical research in econometrics. The journal provides an authoritative, centralized, professional outlet for original contributions in all of the major areas of econometrics. As well

Econometric Reviews [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 09-12-2010


Econometric Reviews probes the limits of econometric knowledge, featuring retrospective, critical, and readable surveys of current economic conditions that determine where future efforts should be directed. Offering readers a unique perspective on state-of-the-art information, Econometric Reviews contains useful material for econometricians, business economists, statisticians, sociologists, psychologists, Readership econometricians business economists statisticians sociologists psychologists

Journal of Applied Probability [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 09-12-2010


For nearly four decades, the Journal of Applied Probability and Advances in Applied Probability have provided a forum for original research and reviews in applied probability, mapping the development of probability theory and its applications to physical, biological and medical, social and technological problems.

Journal of Applied Econometrics [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 09-12-2010


The Journal of Applied Econometrics is a bi-monthly international journal which aims to publish articles of high quality dealing with the application of existing as well as new econometric techniques to a wide variety of problems in economics and related subjects, covering topics in measurement, estimation, testing, forecasting, and policy analysis.

Empirical Economics [интернет ресурс]
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Empirical Economics publishes papers of high quality dealing with the confrontation of relevant economic theory with observed data through the use of adequate econometric methods. Papers cover topics like estimation of established relationships between economic variables, testing of hypotheses derived from economic theory, policy evaluation, simulation, forecasting, methodology, econometric methods and measurement.

Journal of the American statistical association [интернет ресурс]
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Established in 1888 and published quarterly in March, June, September, and December, the Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA) has long been considered the premier journal of statistical science. Articles focus on statistical applications, theory, and methods in economic, social, physical, engineering, and health sciences and on new methods of statistical education.

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 09-12-2010


Abstracts of previous issues available. Full text online for subscribers via Swetsnet.

Journal of Applied Statistics [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 09-12-2010


Journal of Applied Statistics provides a forum for communication between both applied statisticians and users of applied statistical techniques across a wide range of disciplines. These areas include business, computing, economics, ecology, education, management, medicine, operational research and sociology, but papers from other areas are also considered.

Review of Economic Dynamics [интернет ресурс]
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Review of Economic Dynamics publishes meritorious original contributions to dynamic economics. The scope of the journal is intended to be broad and to reflect the view of the Society for Economic Dynamics that the field of economics is unified by the scientific approach to economics.

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
John M. Abowd Journal of the Japanese and International Economies. 2001.  Vol. 15. No. 4. P. 419-436. 
Using individual data on compensation, matched with establishment and firm data on performance and inputs, authors compare the French and American pay systems. The compensation measures are decomposed into components related to measured individual characteristics, establishment enterprise effects, and a residual.

McGraw Hill Professional Bookstore [интернет ресурс]
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A useful general site for viewing McGraw Hill textbooks. Users can view titles and short descriptions of textbooks. The site is split up by subject area, eg. Business, Economics, Health, Education, Social Science, etc. Users can browse for content description and/or order books, papers.

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Robert Vienneau
Colorado: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2001
The LTV is the sound theory that market prices are attracted by prices proportional to the labor time embodied in commodities. In other words, relative prices tend towards relative labor values. The LTV is restricted to the analysis of reproducible commodities that have a use value in a capitalist society. Although the LTV is commonly associated with Classical economics, arguably neither Marx nor any first tier Classical economist accepted the LTV as a valid theory for capitalist economies.
David Ricardo, one of the greatest Classical economists, and Karl Marx thought that their analyses had greater applicability than the special cases in which the LTV is valid as a theory of price. Marx seemed to think that abstract labor time is a common substance in all commodities, while denying that prices tended to be proportional to labor values.
ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
J.A. Tipton Journal of Bioeconomics. 2001.  Vol. 3. No. 1. P. 51-55. 
In this paper, author explores the way in which Aristotle seems to appeal to certain principles of economicsmost notably, the division and combination of laborin describing and attempting to explain certain biological phenomena. He uses examples recently employed in the bioeconomics literature and discuss how Aristotle uses similar examples in similar ways.

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Специализированный сетевой ресурс по защите низкодоходных групп населения на рынке труда. Сайт содержит большое количество публикаций о государственной политике в сфере занятости, страховании труда. Основная цель предоставить возможность членам Сети Linc пройти программы переподготовки и занять востребованную нишу на рынке труда. В тематическом каталоге сайта размещаются последние новости о состоянии рынка труда, изменениях в законодательстве.

Review of Economic Studies (RES) [интернет ресурс]
Обновлено: 01-04-2009

Журнал основан в 1933 г., выходит четыре раза в год, издатель - компания The Review of Economic Studies Ltd., специально созданная для поддержки молодых ученых, работающих в области теоретической и прикладной экономики. RES - один из пяти наиболее часто цитируемых экономических журналов мира. На сайте представлена общая информация об издании и база данных по выпускам 1933-1997 гг.

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ScienceDirect - оболочка, созданная Elsevier Science для организации доступа к электронным ресурсам: научным журналам в полном тексте, библиографическим базам данных и справочникам. На конец 2002 г. в базе содержится: более 1700 научных, технических и медицинских