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The Business Policy and Strategy Division is interested in "the roles and problems of general managers - those who manage multibusiness firms or multi-functional business units. 

Academy of Management Online (AOM) [интернет ресурс]
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The Academy of Management is the leading professional association for management research and education in the United States. It is a membership organization with almost 10,000 members from other organizations businesses, universities and business schools around the world participate in annual meetings and listserver discussions. The Academy also publishes three scholarly journals.

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Decision-Making is central to human activity. However, a "good" decision-making starts with a consecutive-purposeful strategic-strategic thinking that encompasses many disciplines of study. This site offers information on Decision Science and an introduction to general management science/operations research (OR/MS).

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CENTRIM is an interdisciplinary research group whose aim is to provide high-quality research, education, training and consultancy to help improve the management of technology- related innovation. They are based in the Business School at the University of Brighton and have been working in the field for over a decade.

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The Centre for Research in Operations & Technology Management – это подразделение Группы операционного и технологического менеджмента Лондонской бизнес-школы. Центр занимает ведущие позиции в исследованиях конкурентоспособности в области операционного менеджмента, управления услугами и технологиями. Центр образован в 1993 году под влиянием развития технологий и Интернета.

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The Web site of a research centre (funded by the ESRC) which is a joint venture between the University of Manchester and UMIST. CRIC research focuses on three main areas: The study of innovation

CIMS - Center for Innovation Management Studies [интернет ресурс]
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CIMS was founded in 1984 as a cooperative Industry/ University Research Center. Its mission was to fund academic research on topics that industrial R&D managers identified as important for improving the general understanding the technological innovation process and how it could be managed more effectively.

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This link provides you with services in competitive intelligence research, competitor analysis and monitoring, and ability to obtain the information you need for your business. It can be treated for integrate and use competitive and marketing intelligence in your business, strategic and marketing planning processes for the best competitive intelligence and competitor analysis services.

Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics [интернет ресурс]
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DRUID was established in 1995, based on funding from the Danish Social Science Research Council (SSF) and the Danish Ministry of Industry. The objective of DRUID is to contribute to a better understanding

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Lanalyse des institutions se rattache aux thиmes fondateurs de lUniversitй Paris-Dauphine. Dиs sa crйation, lUniversitй de Dauphine sest en effet donnй comme mission danalyser les organisations, notamment publiques, leur fonctionnement et les relations quelles entretiennent avec leur environnement йconomique, social et politique.

Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) [интернет ресурс]
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ERIM is a collaboration between Rotterdam School of Management / Faculteit Bedrijfskunde and the School of Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. ERIM's mission is to research into management processes and help businesses to perform in a profitable and responsible way. ERIM offers PhDs.

European Research Institute, University of Bath [интернет ресурс]
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The European Research Institute brings together research from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Management at Bath University. This Web site contains brief information on its activities. The Institute offers postgraduate courses, publishes the Journal of European Social Policy and has links with various international institutes.

Fry Consultants [интернет ресурс]
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Founded in 1942, Fry Consultants Incorporated is a research based strategic consulting firm helping clients achieve and sustain competitive advantage through market intelligence and strategic decision-making. Services include business-to-business research and analysis, strategic planning and positioning, mergers and acquisitions, international business development, marketing distribution, and competitive intelligence.

GlobalEDGETM (Michigan State University) [интернет ресурс]
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GlobalEDGETM is a global business knowledge web-portal that connects international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities. By serving as a gateway to specialized knowledge

Industrial Research Institute, Inc. [интернет ресурс]
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The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) представляет собой ассоциацию более 200 компаний, обеспечивающих средства для проведения координированного изучения проблем, с которыми сталкиваются менеджеры, ведущие исследования и разработки в индустриальной сфере. Компании, входящие в IRI, ведут

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L'Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Socio-economie (IRIS) est un centre de recherche pluridisciplinaire et mixte, universitй - CNRS. Il a vocation а mobiliser diverses formes de savoir (sciences йconomiques, sociologie, sciences politiques, histoire

Institute of Management Consultancy [интернет ресурс]
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The Institute of Management Consultancy is the professional body that sets and maintains high standards of quality, independence, objectivity and integrity for Certified Management Consultants in the United Kingdom. The site offers information about the organization, the benefits of membership and details that are of general relevance and interest.

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The common aim of all research performed at LAMSADE is to contribute to the foundation of a Decision Aid Science. Such a science must necessarily take its inspiration, concepts and tools from fields as diverse as computer science, mathematics, management science, economics, sociology and epistemology.

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Leading Edge Research Consortium began as a company funded research endeavour in 1992 and continues to this date. The first year was spent preparing the research model and methodology. In 1993/4, in 1996/7 and 1999/2000 we collected extensive triangulated data across the participating companies.

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The Department of Trade and Industry, UK, has produced this site to help share good management practice amongst UK companies. The site offers best practice guides, tools and publications; national business improvement services; an international technology service and links to education partnership programmes. Many of the services are specially for SMEs (small and medium enterprises).