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Caucasus: a conceptological analysis

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-06-2005
The paper presents a comparative perspective on Caucasus past and present by looking into a sum of influences on this region exercised mainly by social and political phenomena active it Russia and Turkey respectively. At the outset, the author formulates his methodological position describing in as 'conceptological analysis'. Basically, Russia and Turkey had made a similar in many respects impact on the Caucasian affairs. This similarity is seen in the type of modernization, in conquest modes of adjacent territories, in defeats suffered in wars against European neighbors, in attitudes to foreigners, in timing of democratic institutions introduction not accompanied by the break between powers of the state and property, etc. Thus, Caucasian peoples and countries had been forced to internalize experiences and modes, which had cumulatively tended to increasingly lag behind those of advanced European nations. So far, neither neighbors, nor governments of Caucasian countries had managed to produce programs to overcome resultant situation.
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