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Is it not high time to re-think positively half-forgotten "factors theory"

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Опубликовано на портале: 23-09-2004
«Is it not high time to re-think positively half-forgotten "factors theory"» (by Teodor Oizerman) stipulates that the idea of every event as determined by a diversity of different causes and conditions had been absolutely alien to the 19th century determinism. The father-figures of Marxism also held that generally accepted concept, though in fact came in their studies close to the factors theory. It can be clearly seen in that they consider as moving force of social development either productive forces, or economic relations or even technique. Besides that productive forces were regarded either as human being or as machines, or as division of labor or as science. This concept of diversity of causes and conditions of social development had been grasped in the so-called "five factors theory" elaborated by Plekhanov.
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