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Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE)
(University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley))

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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The Center’s mission is to produce and support scholarly perspectives on strategic issues in higher education, conduct policy relevant research, promote the development of a community of scholars and policymakers engaged in policy oriented discussion, and continue the Center’s public service role as a resource on higher education. CSHE brings to this discussion several distinct perspectives:
A national and international and comparative focus
A focus on higher education policy issues unique to California and its different tiers of education
A focus on the specific strategic issues important to the University of California
Judson King
Исследовательские проекты
The Future of Scholarly Communication
Higher Education in the Digital Age
Challenges to the Professoriate and Education the Next Generation
Higher Education Access, Affordability, and Access
Research Universities and Economic Development
History of Higher Education and Institutions
Governance, Leadership and Reform in Higher Education
Policy Issues in California Higher Education

List of CSHE Research Grants
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USA, Berkeley, Center for Studies in Higher Education University of California, Berkeley South Hall Annex, #4650 Berkeley, CA 94720-4650

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