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William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
(University of Rochester)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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We are committed to educating business leaders who are analytical and creative thinkers, as well as effective team players. To support our efforts, the Simon M.B.A. programs offer several outstanding features, including:

A top ranked, internationally recognized, M.B.A. and masters program for full- and part-time students, executive M.B.A. programs in three countries, Certificate Programs and a Ph.D. program that consistently places graduates in teaching and research positions at our nation's top business schools.
A small enrollment size that allows us to accept only those students with the drive and ability to succeed, and facilitates clear communication among faculty and students.
A cross-functional curriculum grounded in economics which provides an integrated approach to thinking about management problems and a better understanding of complex business decisions.
The opportunity to study with a world-class faculty that continues to advance business knowledge on many fronts.
Charles I. Plosser - Dean and John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and Public Policy
Учебные курсы
  • Stock Option Exercise, Earnings Management, and Abnormal Stock Returns Irfan Safdar
  • Analyzing the Simultaneous Use of Auctions and Posted Prices for On-line Selling Hila Etzion , Edieal J. Pinker and Abraham Seidmann
  • Which Witches Better? A Cross-Market Comparison of Extreme Liquidity Shocks Michael J. Barclay , Terrence Hendershott and Charles M. Jones
  • Strategic Investments, Trading and Pricing Under Forecast Updating Jiri Chod and Nils Rudi
  • Price-Matching Guarantees, Retail Competition, and Product-Line Assortment Anne T. Coughlan and Greg E. Shaffer
  • Persistence in Prescriptions of Branded Drugs International Journal of Industrial Organization, Oliver M. Richard , Susan J. Suponcic and R. Lawrence Van Horn
  • Underinvestment or Overinvestment? The Effect of Debt Maturity on Investment Evgeny Lyandres and Alexei Zhdanov
  • Investment Timing, Agency and Information Steven R. Grenadier and Neng Wang
  • Conservatism in Accounting - Part II: Evidence and Research Opportunities Ross L. Watts
  • Equilibrium Stock Return Dynamics Under Alternative Rules of Learning About Hidden States Michael W. Brandt , Qi Zeng and Lu Zhang
  • A Life-Cycle Model of Income and Wealth Distribution Neng Wang
  • Precautionary Savings and Partially Observed Income Neng Wang
  • Equilibrium Cross Section of Returns Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 111, August 2003 Joгo F. Gomes , Leonid Kogan and Lu Zhang
  • Optimal Structure of Venture Capitalist's Portfolio Gennaro Bernile and Evgeny Lyandres
  • Investment, Compensation, and Risk Aversion Erwan Morellec

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(585) 275-3916
(585) 242-9554
США, Carol Simon Hall, University of Rochester Rochester, NY 14627

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