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Department of Political Science
(University of Rochester)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Dedicated to the highest levels of research, teaching, and institution-building, the department builds today on this illustrious past. The department strives not only for leadership in advancing rational choice theory but, more broadly, for leadership in advancing the scientific study of politics. Historically, and today, we have a very specific notion of the mix of activities necessary to the scientific study of politics. These include:
  1. Rigorous theory and the drive to generalize.
  2. Rigorous empirical testing through sophisticated, theory-relevant statistical and qualitative methods.
  3. Expertise about the real-world phenomena that motivate such theoretical and empirical analyses.
We distinguish our programmatic goals from those of other departments by our strong emphasis on positive theory and generalization, and by our historical commitment to (and success in) speaking to the discipline of political science. We are committed to maintaining a faculty that stands at the cutting edge of both positive political theory and statistical methodology. We are equally committed to the principle that these systematic approaches be used ultimately in the service of understanding the regularities of politics in the real world. We recognize that politics is complex and institutionally rich, that it evokes strongly held values, and that it has real consequences for society and for individuals. Thus, in building our faculty and our graduate training program, we are careful to maintain expertise on institutional and historical nuance, and on the social values important in political decisions.

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