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International Center for Pension Reform

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Promotes the reform of government-run pension systems along the Chilean model of private Retirement Savings Accounts
José Piñera, President

The Bull By The Horns: The Battle for Chile's Social Security Reform, by José Piñera.
From Chile, with a pinch of salt, by Matthew Bishop.
A note on private disability insurance, by José Piñera.
Political Effects in Chile of Pension Retirement Accounts, by Mark Klugman.
Chile's Private Pension System at 18, by Jacobo Rodríguez.
How the power of ideas can transform a country, by José Piñera.
Free Trade and Social Security Choice, by José Piñera.
Towards a "Santiago Consensus", by Juan Andrés Fontaine.
Individual Unemployment Accounts, William B. Connerly.
Money to the People, by Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski.
Macroeconomics book highlights Chilean Pension Reform.
www.pensionreform.org, by Caroline Nolan.
A note on Brazil's real pension problem, by José Piñera.
Brazil: "The Bums", by Peter Fritsch.
India Considers the Chilean Model, by M. K. Venu.
Korea considers the Chilean Model, Korean Times.
Japan: Profound demographic crisis, by José Piñera.
Russia to Implement Chilean Model?, by Boris Nemtsov.
Russia Unbound, by José Piñera.
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