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RAND: Centre for the Study of Ageing (RAND)
(National Institute on Ageing)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Год основания
Тип организации
Центры, Исследовательские и аналитические
Цели и задачи
Presently, the Center supports the research of approximately two dozen researchers with an interest in the social and economic functioning of the elderly. Their backgrounds include economics, sociology, demography, medical sciences, psychology, statistics, and survey research.
Michael D. Hurd, Director
Исследовательские проекты
Economic status of the elderly
Health and socioeconomic status
Social Security
Consumption and saving
International research
Intergenerational transfers and support
Data collection
Methodological and Other Research
Preparing for an Aging World, RB-5058, 2001.
Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren: What Do We Know?, RB-5030, 2000.
Prescription Drugs and the Elderly: Policy Implications of Medicare Coverage, RB-5028, 1999.
Trends in Functional Limitations: Are Older Americans Living Longer and Better?, RB-5021, 1998.
The Relationship Between the Socioeconomic Status and Health of the Elderly, RB-5020, 1998.
Balancing Act: How Retired Couples Allocate Resources in the Face of Illness and Death, RB-5019, 1998.
Health, Marriage, and Longer Life for Men, RB-5018, 1998.
Helping Out and Paying Back: How Families Support the Elderly, RB-5017, 1998.
Three Aspects of Health, Well-Being, and the Effective Functioning of the Elderly, RB-5016, 1998.
Government Policy and the Cost and Quality of Nursing Homes, RB-5012, May 1996.
"Grow Old Along with Me": Reaping the Marriage Benefit, RB-5011, April 1996.
Solving the Family-Support Puzzle, RB-5010, December 1995.
The Changing Economic Circumstances of the Elderly: Income, Wealth, and Social Security, James P. Smith, Policy Brief No. 8/1997, Syracuse: Syracuse University Center for Policy Research, 1997.
Регулярные мероприятия, семинары, конференции
Seminars in Aging, Development, and Population
(310) 393-0411, ext 7989
(310) 451-6923
USA, Santa Monica, RAND Center for the Study of Aging
1700 Main Street
P.O. Box 2138
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138