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Dudley Carl

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Дата рождения 1932
Образование бакалавр: Majors: Psychology and Sociology [Cornell University, 1954]
магистр [Union Theological Seminary (NYC), 1959]
доктор наук [McCormick Theological Seminary, 1974]
Место работы Hartford Institute for Religion of Research (Hartford Institute) / Co-Director

Профессиональные интересы:
Церковь и общество; Применение социологии религии к каждодневным нуждам общества

  • Unique Dynamics of the Small Church, Washington, D.C.: Alban, 1977.
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  • Building Effective Ministry: Theory and Practice in the Local Church, editor, San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1983 .
  • Handbook for Congregational Studies, co-author and editor with Jackson W. Carroll and William McKinney, Nashville: Abingdon, 1986.
  • New Testament Tensions in the Contemporary Church, with Earle Hilgert, Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1987.
  • Developing Your Small Church's Potential with Douglas Alan Walrath, Valley Forge: Judson Press, 1988.
  • Carriers of Faith: Lessons in Congregational Studies, co-author and editor with Jackson W. Carroll and James P. Wind, Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1991.
  • Basic Steps Toward Community Ministry: Guidelines and Model in Action, Washington, D.C.: Alban Institute, 1991.
  • Energizing the Congregation: Images that Shape Your Church's Ministry, with Sally A. Johnson. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1993.
  • Next Steps in Community Ministry: Hands-On Leadership in Action, co-author and editor, Washington, D.C.: Alban, 1996.
  • Civil Investing by Religious Institutions: How Churches Launch New Community Ministries, Center on Philanthropy, Indianapolis: Indiana University, 1997.
  • Studying Congregations, co-author and editor with Nancy T. Ammerman, Jackson W. Carroll, and William McKinney, Nashville:Abingdon, 1998.

Статьи, главы из книг и другие публикации (выпущенные за учебный год)


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