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Ritson Christopher

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Место работы School of Agriculture Food and Rural Development / Professor of Agricultural Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
Economic and marketing aspects of food choice

Consumer attitudes to food safety

Food and agricultural policy analysis

Ritson C, Petrovici D, (2000). Food Consumption Patterns in Romania. British Food Journal, 102, No 4, 290-307.

Kuznesof SAB, Mela D, Ritson C, (1999). Aetiology of ObesityX: food choice, food policy and eating patterns. Obesity: The Report of the British Nutrition Foundation, Ed. British Nutrition Foundation, Blackwell Science Ltd., , 101-115.

Ritson C, Gofton LR, Kuznesof S, (1998). Consumer Acceptablity of Biotechnology in Relation to Food Products, with Special Reference to Farmed Fish. European Commission, Scientific Studies on Socio-Economic Impact of Biotechnology, , 31413.

Ritson C, Swinbank A, (1997). Europe's Green Money. The Common Agricultural Policy. Wallingford: CAB International.. Eds: Ritson, C and Harvey, DR, 2nd Edition, , 115-138.

Ritson C, (1997). Marketing, Agriculture and Economics. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol 48, No 3, 279-299.

Kuznesof SAB, Ritson C, (1996). Consumer acceptability of genetically modified foods with special reference to farmed salmon. British Food Journal, 98, (4-5), 39-47.

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Адрес School of Agriculture Food and Rural Development
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University of Newcastle
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