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Gershuny Jonathan (Гершуни, Джонатан)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Economics and Politics [Loughborough University, 1971]
магистр: Research Methods in Political Science [Strathclyde University, 1972]
PhD: Sussex University [History and Social Studies of Science, 1977]
Место работы Department of Sociology / Professor
Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) / Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
research on analysis of narrative datasets (life and work histories, time use diaries);
interconnections between household organisation, labour force participation, and household formation/dissolution;
relationship between micro-level behaviour and socio-economic structure.

Jonathan Gershuny (August 2005) 'Busyness as the Badge of Honor for the New Superordinate Working Class'. Social Research, 72(2), pp 287-315.
Jonathan Gershuny, Michael Bittman, John Brice (August 2005) 'Exit, Voice and Suffering: do couples adapt to changing employment patterns?'. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 67, pp 656-665.
Jonathan Gershuny (September 2004) 'Domestic Equipment Does Not Increase Domestic Work: a response to Bittman, Rice and Wajcman'. British Journal of Sociology, 55(3), pp 425-431.
Gershuny, J.I., and I.D. Miles. The New Service Economy: The Transformation of Employment in Industrial Societies. L.: F. Pinter, 1983.
Berthoud, Richard and Jonathan Gershuny (eds.) Seven Years in the Lives of British Families: Evidence on the Dynamics of Social Change from the British Household Panel Survey. Bristol: Policy Press, 2000.

Working papers on-line:
Jonathan Gershuny (June 2005) 'What do we do in Post-industrial Society? The Nature of Work and Leisure Time in the 21st Century
Jonathan Gershuny (June 2005) Time Allocation and the Comprehensive Accounting of Economic Activity
Jonathan Gershuny (June 2005) Busyness as the Badge of Honor for the New Superordinate Working Class

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Домашняя страница http://www.iser.essex.ac.uk/staff/staff-details.php?personID=18
E-mail gershuny@essex.ac.uk

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