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Jones Geoff

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Geoff Jones'research interests consist of three main areas:
a) mainly historical research into the role of accounting in the early industrial period, exploring its role in establishing the 'governmental' but individualistic outlook embedded in managerial practices;
b) research around the new types of performance accounting emerging in the post-industrial economies, such as intellectual capital reporting, knowledge management, social and environmental reporting;
c) research with colleagues at the Open University into social and civic enterprise.

Journal Articles

Jones, G., Edwards, C., Lawton, A., & Llellewyn, N., 'Entrepreneurship and the Public Sector: Issues and Applications', International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vol.1:3, 2000, pp.163-171.

Jones, G., 'Revising the role of profit-seeking in management and accounting history: a report of the EIASM Workshop on Management and Accounting in Historical Perspectives, Bologna, December 1996', The European Accounting Review, Vol.6:4, 1997, pp.791-798.

Jones, G., 'Revising the Role of Profit-Seeking in Management and Accounting History', The European Accounting Review, Vol.6:3, 1997, pp.531-538.

Jones, G., Lefrere, P., & Quintas, P., 'Knowledge Management: A Strategic Agenda', Long Range Planning, Vol.30:3, 1997, pp.385-391.
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