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Schaffer Mark E. (Шаффер, Марк)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование магистр: Economics [Stanford University, 1984]
магистр: Economics [Stanford University, 1984]
PhD: Economics [London School of Economics, 1990]

Профессиональные интересы:
Economics of transition in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and China, especially
  • enterprise performance and restructuring,
  • privatization,
  • financial markets,
  • public finance,
  • labour markets.

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    Публикации на портале:
    Домашняя страница http://www.som.hw.ac.uk/ecomes/
    E-mail M.E.Schaffer@hw.ac.uk
    Телефон +44 (0)131 451 3494
    Факс +44 (0)131 451 3008
    Адрес CERT, School of Management, Department of Economics, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, UK.
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