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Hinze Susan W.

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Sociology [Vanderbuilt University, 1985]
магистр: Sociology [Vanderbuilt University, 1988]
PhD: Sociology of Medicine [Vanderbuilt University, 1995]
Место работы Brandes University / Assistant Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
Медицинская социология. Гендер. Социальное неравенство. Семейная жизнь и профессиональная социализация врачей. "Социальное конструирование синдрома младенческой смерти". Нарративы рожениц:

"My teaching interests are varied, but my favorite courses include Introduction to Sociology (see Class Acts), Social Inequality, Medical Sociology, Women in Development and a new course titled: “From the Internet to Fetal Surgery: Gendered Technologies and Social Change.” I teach at both undergraduate and graduate levels and enjoy learning from my students, whether they are first year students or advanced doctoral students."

2003 Sarver, Joshua H., Susan W. Hinze, Rita K Cydulka and David W. Baker. “Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Analgesia Prescribing in the Emergency Department” Forthcoming in American Journal of Public Health.

2003 Hinze, Susan W. “Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment.” Forthcoming in Encyclopedia on Men and Masculinities by Amy Aronson and Michael Kimmel. ABC-Clio Press.

2001 Hinze, Susan W. “Gender and the Body of Medicine . . .” (see below) Reprinted in 2001 Readings in Medical Sociology (2nd edition) by WIlliam C. Cockerham and Michael Glaser (Pp. 282-303).

2000 Hinze, Susan W. “Inside Medical Marriages: The Effect of Gender on Income.” Work and Occupations 27(4): 464-499.

1999 Hinze, Susan W., Atwood D. Gaines, Alan J. Lerner, and Peter J. Whitehouse. "An Interdisciplinary Response to the Reagan Research Institute Report on Women and Alzheimer's Disease." Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders 13(4): 183-186.

1999 Hinze, Susan W. “Gender and the Body of Medicine or at Least Some Body Parts: (Re)constructing the Prestige Hierarchy of Medical Specialties.” The Sociological Quarterly 40(2): 217-239.

1999 Sobecks, Nancy W., Amy C. Justice, Susan W. Hinze, Heidi Taylor Chirayath, Rebecca A. Lasek, Mary-Margaret Chren, John Aucott, Barbara Juknialis, Richard Fortinsky, Stuart Youngner, and C. Seth Landefeld. “When Doctors Marry Doctors: A Survey Exploring the Professional and Family Lives of Young Physicians.” Annals of Internal Medicine 130(4): 312-319.

1992 Lee, Barrett, David W. Lewis and Susan Hinze (Jones). 1992. "Are the Homeless to Blame? A Test of Two Theories." Sociological Quarterly 33(4): 535-552.

1990 Lee, Barrett, Susan Hinze (Jones) and David W. Lewis. 1990. "Public Beliefs about the Causes of Homelessness." Social Forces 69(1): 253-265.

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Учебные курсы
E-mail sxh3@po.cwru.edu
Телефон 368-2702 (office)
Факс 216-368-2676
Адрес Department of Sociology
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Phone: 216-368-2702
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