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Kessler Ian

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Место работы Oxford University / Templeton College, University Lecturer in Management Studies & Fellow of Templeton College

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Dr Kessler has produced many publications resulting from his research interests in reward strategies, employee communications and the psychological contract at work. Contributing to these interests has been his involvement in several major funded research programmes, including Performance-Related Pay; the ACAS In-Depth Advisory Service; Developments in Public Sector Employment Relations; and Cross-Cultural Executive Competencies.

Journal Articles

Kessler, I. & Shapiro, J. Coyle, 'Exploring recipricocity through the lens of the psychological contract: employee and employer perspectives', European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Vol.11:1, 2002.

Kessler, I. & Shapiro, J. Coyle, 'Contingent and non-contingent working in local government: contrasting psychological contracts', Public Administration, Vol.80:1, 2002.

Kessler, I. & Heron, P., 'Steward organisation in a profession union: the case of the Royal College of Nursing', British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.39:3, 2001, pp.367-391.

Kessler, I.; Coyle Shapiro, J., 'Consequence of Psychological Contact for the Employment Relationship: a large scale survey', Journal of Management Studies, Vol.37:7, 2000, pp.903-930.

Kessler, I., Purcell, J., Coyle Shapiro, J., 'Employment Relations in Local Government', Personnel Review, Vol.29:2, 2000, pp.162-183.

Kessler, I., Purcell, J., Shapiro, J.C., 'New forms of employment relations in the public services', Industrial Relations Journal, Vol.31:1, 2000, pp.17-34.

Kessler, I.; Purcell, J.; Coyle Shapiro, J., 'Outsourcing and the Employee Perspective', Human Resource Management Journal, Vol.9:2, 1999, pp.5-19.

Kessler, I., Coyle Shapiro, J., 'Restructuring the Employment Relationship in Surrey County Council', Employee Relations, Vol.20:4, 1998, pp.365-382.

Kessler, I., 'Change and Decision Making in the NHS: The Case of the Care Programme Approach', Public Money and Management, Vol.18:3, 1997, pp.59-64.

Kessler, I., Coyle Shapiro, J., 'Consensus Politics, Case Study: Surrey County Council', People Management, Vol.3:24, 1997, pp.32-34.

Kessler, I. & Purcell, J., 'The Value of Joint Working Parties', Work, Employment and Society, Vol.10:4, 1996, pp.663-682.

Kessler, I. & Undy, R., 'Battered by the Winds of Change', Local Government Chronicle, 1996.

Kessler, I. & Purcell, J., 'Developments in Public Sector Industrial Relations: A Strategic Choice Model', International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1996.

Book Chapters

Kessler, I., 'Remuneration Systems', in: Bach, S. and Sisson, K. (Ed.), Personnel Management in Britain, Blackwell, 2000.

Kessler, I., 'Managing People', in: Austin, N and Dopson,S. (Ed.), Clinical Directorate, Radcliffe Medical Press, 1997.

Kessler, I., 'Pay for Performance', in: Perters,L. et al (Ed.), Encyclopedic Dictionary of HRM, Blackwell, 1996.

Kessler, I., 'Payment Systems', in: Warner, M. (Ed.), Encyclopaedia of Business and Management, Routledge, 1995.

Kessler, I., Purcell, J., 'Collectivism and Individualism in Industrial Relations', in: Edwards, P. (Ed.), Industrial Relations in Britain, 1995.

Kessler, I., 'New Developments in Reward Systems', in: Storey, J. (Ed.), Human Resource Management: Critical Perspectives, Routledge, 1995.
E-mail ian.kessler@templeton.ox.ac.uk
Телефон +44 (0)1865 422709
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