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Rao Vithala R.

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование магистр: Sociology [University of Michigan, 1962]
PhD: Applied Economics/Marketing 1970 Outstanding Dissertation--American Marketing Association [University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School), 1970]
Место работы Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University / Deane W. Malott Professor of Management , Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Methods

Профессиональные интересы:
Development and application of analytical models for marketing research and marketing strategy.
Application of multidimensional scaling and conjoint analysis models to such areas as pricing, product design, product positioning and market segmentation.
Market structure analysis and resource allocation problems; analysis of competitive reactions.
Subset evaluation models as applied to evaluating firms for acquisition and measurement of brand equity.

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E-mail vrr2@cornell.edu
Телефон 607-255-3987, 607-257-0651
Факс 607-254-4590
Адрес Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University
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Ithaca, New York 14853

Дополнительная информация:
U.N. Demographic Training and Research Center, Bombay, Diploma, 1959
University of Bombay, M.Sc., 1956, Mathematical Statistics, First Class and First Rank
Andhra University, B.Sc., 1954, Mathematics, First Class and First Rank

Предыдущие должности и позиции, прочие позиции
Visiting Professor of Marketing, Fuqua School of Business Duke University (в настоящее время)
National University of Singapore, Distinguished Visiting Professor, May- June 2000
Copenhagen Business School, Visiting Professor, June 1994, June 1999
General Motors Corporation, Detroit, MSI Visiting Marketing Scholar, June-July 1988.
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Senior Scholar, 1996-97
Hong Kong Institute of Science & Technology, Visiting Professor, Dec.1996-January 1997
University of Kiel, Germany, Institut fur BWL, Visiting Professor, Fall 1990.
Columbia University, Graduate School of Business, Visiting Professor, Summer 1987.
University of Western Australia, School of Commerce, Visiting Professor, July 1985.
University of Illinois, Urbana, Department of Business Administration, Visiting Professor of Business Administration, 1976-77.
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Assistant Professor, 1966-67.
University of Bombay, Department of Statistics, Instructor, 1956-57.
Tata Oil Mills Company, Ltd., Bombay, Marketing Research Executive, 1959-65. In charge of Marketing Research Section (on leave 1961-62).
Delhi Cloth and General Mills Company, Ltd., Delhi, Marketing Research Officer for the Textile Division, 1965-66.

Консультируемые компании
Performed marketing research and organizational development services for several consumer products firms. These include Imperial Tobacco of India, Lever Brothers, New York; General Foods, Smith Kline and French, Philadelphia; Tompkins County Trust Company; General Motors Tech. Center; Doane Agricultural Service, St. Louis; RCA; AT&T; RCA; Carrier Corporation and Fuerst Brothers; Amrigon; General Motors Corporation; Avon; Fazer Oy; Coca Cola International.