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Iversen Torben

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование магистр: Political Science [University of Aarhus, Denmark , 1988]
PhD: Political Science [Duke University, 1998]
Место работы Harvard University / Professor, Department of Government

Профессиональные интересы:
Comparative political economy


  • Contested Economic Institutions: The Politics of Macroeconomics and Wage Bargaining in Advanced Democracies. Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  • Unions, Employers and Central Banks: Macroeconomic Coordination and Institutional Change in Social Market Economies. Cambridge University Press, 2000. Edited volume with Jonas Pontusson and David Soskice.

Refereed journal articles:
Некоторые доступные статьи>>
  • "An Asset Theory of Social Policy Preferences" (with David Soskice). American Political Science Review, December 2001,
  • "The Causes of Welfare State Expansion: Deindustrialization or Globalization?" (with Thomas Cusack). World Politics 52, April 2000, pp. 313-349.
  • "Institutions and Economic Performance in the 20th Century: Evidence from the Labor Market" (with Barry Eichengreen). Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 15 (4), 1999, pp. 121-38.
  • "The Nonneutrality of Monetary Policy with Large Price or Wage Setters" (with David Soskice). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 115, February 2000, pp. 265-84. "The Political Economy of Inflation: Bargaining Structure or Central Bank Independence?" Public Choice, 99, June 1999, pp. 237-58 (lead). (Corrected version in December 1999 issue).
  • "Multiple Wage Bargaining systems in the Single European Currency Area" (with David Soskice). Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Autumn 1998, pp. 110-124 (revised version also published in ).
  • "Wage Bargaining, Central Bank Independence and the Real Effects of Money." International Organization, 52, Summer 1998, pp. 469-504.
  • "Equality, Employment, and Budgetary Restraint: The Trilemma of the Service Economy" (with Anne Wren). World Politics, 50, July 1998, pp. 507-46 (lead).
  • "Hard Choices for Scandinavian Social Democracy in Comparative Perspective." Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 14, Spring 1998, pp. 59-75.
  • "Wage Bargaining, Hard Money and Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence for Organized Market Economies." British Journal of Political Science, 28, January 1998, pp. 31-61.
  • "Power, Flexibility and the Breakdown of Centralized Wage Bargaining: The Cases of Denmark and Sweden in Comparative Perspective." Comparative Politics, 28, July 1996, pp. 399-436.
  • "The Logics of Electoral Politics: Spatial, Directional and Mobilizational Effects," Comparative Political Studies, 27, July 1994, pp. 155-89 (lead).
  • "Political Leadership and Representation in West European Democracies: A Test of Three Models of Voting." American Journal of Political Science, 38, February 1994,  pp. 45-74.

Book chapters:
  • "The Dynamics of Welfare State Expansion: Trade Openness, De-industrialization and Partisan Politics." In Paul Pierson, ed., The New Politics of the Welfare State. Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
  • "Social Protection and the Formation of Skills: A Reinterpretation of the Welfare State" (with Margarita Estevez-Abe and David Soskice). In Peter Hall and David Soskice (eds.), Varieties of Capitalism: The Challenges Facing Contemporary Political Economies. Oxford University Press, 2001.
  • "Denmark: From External to Internal Adjustment" (with Niels Thygesen). In Eric Jones, Jeffry Frieden, and Francisco Torres, eds., Joining Europe's Monetary Club: The Challenge for Smaller Member States. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1998.
  • "Decentralization, Monetarism, and the Social-Democratic Welfare State in the 1980s and 90s" in Iversen et al. (eds.), Unions, Employers and Central Banks: Macroeconomic Coordination and Institutional Change in Social Market Economies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  • "Comparative Political Economy: A Northern European Perspective" (with Jonas Pontusson). In Iversen et al. (eds.), Unions, Employers and Central Banks: Macroeconomic Coordination and Institutional Change in Social Market Economies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  • "National Regimes of Collective Wage Bargaining and Macro-Economic Policies: Lessons from Austria, Denmark, Germany and Sweden." In Richard Locke and Kathleen Thelen, The Shifting Boundaries of Labor Politics. MIT University Press, forthcoming.

Work in progress/working papers
Некоторые доступные работы>>
  • "Capitalism, Democracy, and Welfare. The Changing Nature of Production, Elections, and Social Protection in Advanced Democracies." Book ms under review.
  • "The Political Economy of Gender: Explaining Cross-National Variation in Household Bargaining, Divorce, and the Gender Voting Gap" (with Frances Rosenbluth).
  • "Electoral Systems and the Politics of Coalitions: Why Some Democracies Redistribute More than Others" (with David Soskice).
  • "Political Parties and the Time-Inconsistence Problem in Social Policy" (with David Soskice).
  • "The Politics of Prices, or Why Social Democrats Pay More for Their Big Macs." Research note, CES, August 2000. 
  • "Welfare Production Regimes in Transition: Convergence and Divergence Since the Second Wold War." Mimeo, Hoover Institution, July 2000. 
  • "Monetary Integration, Partisanship, and Macroeconomic Policy" (with David Soskice). Prepared for presentation at the 95th American Political Association Meeting in Atlanta, September 2-5, 1999.
  • "Choosing Paths: Explaining Distributional Outcomes in the Post-Industrial Economy" by Torben Iversen and Anne Wren. Paper prepared for the the 93rd American Political Science Association Meeting, Washington DC, August 28 - 31, 1997
  • "The Real Effects of Money. An Institutional Model of the Effects of Wage Bargaining and Monetary Policies on Unemployment." Published in the Center for German and European Studies Working Paper Series, University of California at Berkeley
  • "Bargaining, Domestic Politics, and the Possibilities for International Cooperation: A Reassessment of the Relative Gains Problem." Published in the Duke Program in Political Economy Working Paper Series (R&R at International Organization)
  • "Monetary Regimes and Wage Bargaining Systems: A Model of Contested Institutions" by Torben Iversen and Peter Lange. Delivered at the 9th International Meeting of Europeanists, Chicago. Published in the Duke Political Economy Working Paper Series
  • "Power and Participation in West European Parties: A Rational Incentives Model." Unpublished paper
  • "The Limits of Transaction Cost Economics for the Analysis of Institutional Change." Unpublished paper

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