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Oum Tae Hoon

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование магистр: Economics/Operations Research [University of British Columbia]
PhD: Transportation [University of British Columbia]
Место работы Sauder School of Business / UPS Foundation Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
Global Strategic Airline Alliances
International Air Transport
Telecommunications, Public Utilities
Transport and Telecom Infrastructure
Policy and strategies for building transport, logistics and distribution hubs
Transport, logistics and telecom policy issues concerning Asia Pacific countries

Globalization and Strategic Alliances: The Case of the Airline Industry by Tae Hoon Oum, Jong-Hun Park and Anming Zhang (Elsevier Science, 2001), 229 pages.

Northeast Asian Air Transport Network: Is there a possibility of creating open-skies in the region?" Journal of Air Transport Management, forthcoming

Effects of Strategic Alliances on Productivity and Profitability (with Jong-Hun, Kwang Soo Kim and Chunyan Yu), Journal of Business Research, forthcoming

An empirical analysis of Canadian international air policy: effects of dual carrier designation and partial liberalization, (with J. A. Clougherty and M. Dresner), Transport Policy: An Official Journal of the WCTR Society, 8 (2001), 219-230.

Socially Optimal Capacity and Capital Structure in Oligopoly: The Case of the Airline Industry, (with Anming Zhang and Yimin Zhang), Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 34 (2000), pp. 55-68.

"The Commercialization of Airports and Air Navigation Systems: The Canadian Experience" (with Trevor D. Heaver) The Journal of Aviation Management, Vol.1, No.1 (2000), pp. 32-44.
Домашняя страница http://www.commerce.ubc.ca/oplog/faculty/oum.html
E-mail tae.oum@commerce.ubc.ca
Телефон (604) 822-8320
Факс (604) 822-9574
Адрес 2053 Main Mall, Henry Angus 452
Vancouver, BC CANADA V6T 1Z2.
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