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Spolaore Enrico

Обновлено: 05-10-2011
Образование бакалавр: Economics and Commerce [University of Rome "La Sapienza" , 1987]
магистр: Economics [Harvard University, 1991]
PhD: Political Economy [University of Siena, 1992]
PhD: Economics [Harvard University, 1993]
Место работы Brown University (Brown University) / Assistant Professor of Political Economy

Профессиональные интересы:
political economy, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics

"The Political Economy of Borders" in Oxford Handbook of Political Economy, edited by Barry Weingast and David Wittman, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

"Adjustments in Different Government Systems" Economics & Politics, forthcoming.

"War, Peace and the Size of Countries" (with Alberto Alesina), Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming.

The Size of Nations (with Alberto Alesina), the MIT Press, 2003

"Trade, Growth and the Size of Countries" (with Alberto Alesina and Romain Wacziarg), in Handbook of Economic Growth, edited by Philippe Aghion and Steven Durlauf, North-Holland. forthcoming.

"On the Evaluation of Economic Mobility" (with Peter Gottschalk), Review of Economic Studies, January 2002.

"Economic Integration and Political Disintegration" (with Alberto Alesina and Romain Wacziarg), American Economic Review, December 2000.

"Does Country Size Matter in a Global World?" in Globalization and the Location of Economic Activities, edited by Xavier Vives and Jordi Bendts, Catalan Institute of Finance, Barcelona, 1999.

"On the Number and Size of Nations" (with Alberto Alesina), Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 1997.

"Economic Theories of the Break-up and Integration of Nations" (with Patrick Bolton and G¾ rard Roland), European Economic Review, April 1996.

"Enlargement Dynamics in Political and Economic Unions" Yrjo Jahnsson Foundation European Integration Lectures No. 7, October 1995.

"Together or Separately? Issues on the Costs and Benefits of Political and Fiscal Unions" (with Alberto Alesina and Roberto Perotti), European Economic Review, April 1995.

"How Cynical Can an Incumbent Be? A Strategic Model of Government Spending" (with Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti), Journal of Public Economics, September 1994.

Working papers (selected)
"Borders and Growth" (with Romain Wacziarg), NBER Working Paper No. 9223, September 2002.

"Long-term Determinants of Economic Development" (with Romain Wacziarg), in progress

"Conflict, Defense, and the Number of Nations" (with Alberto Alesina)

"Why Chads? Determinants of Voting Equipment in the United States" (with Phillip Garner)

"Trade, Conflict, and Political Borders" in progress


Публикации на портале:
  • The Size of Nations Авт. Alesina Alberto, Spolaore Enrico.  Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2003. 
  • Enrico Spolaore, Romain Wacziarg Borders and Growth // NBER Working Paper Series. 2002.  No. 9223.
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