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Lamont Michèle

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: political science [Ottawa University , 1978]
магистр: political science [Ottawa University , 1979]
PhD: sociology [Université de Paris, 1983]
Место работы Harvard University / professor of sociology at sociology department

Профессиональные интересы:
  • Culture, Inequality, and Boundaries
  • Racism, Race, and Immigration
  • Definitions of Excellence in Higher Education
  • Comparative Sociology
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory

  • The Dignity of Working Men: Morality and the Boundaries of Race, Class, and Immigration. Cambridge: Harvard University Press and New York: Russell Sage Foundation. Paperback 2002. "What is Originality in the Social Sciences and the Humanities?" (with Josh Guetzkow and Gregoire Mallard). American Sociological Review 69 (2): 190-212.
  • "Who Counts as 'Them': Racism and Virtue in the United States and France." Contexts 2 (4): 36-41.
  • "From Character to Intellect: Changing Conceptions of Merit in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, 1951-1971." With Angela Tsay, Andrew Abbott, and Joshua Guetzkow. Poetics 31(1):23-17.
  • "The Study of Boundaries Across the Social Sciences" (with Virag Molnar). Annual Review of Sociology 28: 167-195.
  • "Ordinary Cosmopolitanisms: Strategies for Bridging Racial Boundaries among Working Class Men (with Sada Aksartova)in Theory, Culture and Society 19 (4): 1-25.
  • "North African Immigrants Respond to French Racism: Demonstrating Equivalence Through Universalism" (with Ann Morning and Margarita Mooney). Ethnic and Racial Studies 25 (3): 390-414.
  • "How Blacks Use Consumption to Shape their Collective Identity: Evidence from African-American Marketing Specialists." (withVirág Molnár). Journal of Consumer Culture. 1 (1): 31-45.

Публикации на портале:
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E-mail mlamont@wjh.harvard.edu
Телефон (617) 496-0645 (office)
Факс (617) 496-5794
Адрес Department of Sociology
Harvard University
William James Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

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