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Benigno Gianluca (Бениньо, Джанлука)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Economics [Universita "L. Bocconi" - Milano, 1994]
магистр: Economics [Universita "L. Bocconi" - Milano, 1995]
PhD: Economics [University of California Berkeley, 2000]
Место работы London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) / Lecturer in Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate
Real Exchange Rate

  • “Implementing Monetary Cooperation through Inflation Targeting”, 2002, CEPR Discussion Paper #3226, with P. Benigno.
  • “Equilibrium Exchange Rates and UK supply side performance”, 2002, mimeo, with C. Thoenissen.
  • “Price Stability in Open Economies”, 2001, mimeo, with P. Benigno, (previous version:“Price Stability as a Nash Equilibrium in Monetary Open Economy Models", 2001, CEPR Discussion Paper #2757).
  • “Does Labor Mobility Matter for the Choice of the Exchange Rate Regime”, 2000, mimeo, with M. Moore.
  • “Monetary Policy Rules and the Exchange Rate”, 2000, mimeo, with P. Benigno, also CEPR Discussion Paper No. 2807. Technical Appendix on the micro-foundations of the model (December 2000).
  • “Open-Economy Liquidity Trap”, 2000, mimeo, with P. Benigno.
  • “Interest Rate Rules for Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes”, 2000, mimeo, with P. Benigno and F. Ghironi.
  • “Real Exchange Rate Persistence and Monetary Policy Rules”, 1999, mimeo.
  • “To Quit or Not To Quit: a Country’s Decision to Leave an Exchange Rate Mechanism”, 1997, mimeo, with P. Geraats and M. Sanchez.
  • “A Theoretical Reassessment on the Relation between Inequality and Growth”, 1998, mimeo, with R. Baqir.
  • "Il Giappone in trappola: Keynes non basta piu' " (Corriere della Sera, 14 December 1998), with Pierpaolo Benigno.

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