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Schmalzbauer John

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Political Science [Wheaton College, 1990 ]
магистр: Sociology [Princeton University, 1992]
PhD: Sociology [Princeton University, 1997]
Место работы College of the Holy Cross / Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology

Профессиональные интересы:
Социология религии; Социология Media; Социология культуры; Американский католицизм; Американский Евангелизм;Религия и Media; Религия и Высшее образование;

Книги\Статьи\Главы в книгах:
  • Forthcoming Conrad Cherry, Betty DeBerg, and Amanda Porterfield, with William Durbin and John Schmalzbauer. Religion on Campus. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.
  • Forthcoming “Between Objectivity and Moral Vision: How Catholic and Evangelical Journalists Manage the Boundary Between Professional and Religious Worlds,” in Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media: Explorations in Media, Religion and Culture, edited by Stewart Hoover and Lynn Schofield Clark. New York: Columbia University Press.
  • 2000 “Involvement and Detachment Among French and American Journalists: To Be or Not to Be a ‘Real Professional’” (with Cyril Lemieux), in Rethinking Comparative Cultural Sociology: Repertoires of Evaluation in France and the United States, edited by Michele Lamont and Laurent Thevenot. New York and Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Also to be published by Presses de la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (Paris).
  • 1999 “Between Professional and Religious Worlds: Catholics and Evangelicals in American Journalism.” Sociology of Religion 60(4):363-386. http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m0SOR/4_60/59199507/p1/article.jhtml
  • 1998 Online Bibliography on Religion and Higher Education (with William Durbin, Kimberly Long, and Kathleen Mahoney). A publication of the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture, Indiana University/Purdue University- Indianapolis. http://www.iupui.edu/~raac/html/general.html
  • 1997 “The Religion Beat in American Journalism,” Religious Studies News 12(2):18.
  • 1996 “Between Fundamentalism and Secularization: Secularizing and Sacralizing Currents in the Evangelical Debate on Campus Lifestyle Codes” (with Gray Wheeler). Sociology of Religion. 57(3): 241-258.
  • 1996 “Cultural and Moral Boundaries in the United States: Structural Position, Geographic Location, and Lifestyle Explanations” (with Michele Lamont, Daniel Weber, and Maureen Waller). Poetics. 24:31-56.
  • Evangelicals in the New Class: Class Versus Subcultural Predictors of Ideology.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 32(4):330-42.

  • Revitalizing Religion in the Academy: Summary of the Evaluation of Lilly Endowment’s Initiative on Religion and Higher Education. (with Kathleen Mahoney and James Youniss).
  • Revitalizing Religion in the Academy: An Evaluation of Lilly Endowment’s Initiative on Religion and Higher Education. (with Kathleen Mahoney and James Youniss). Unpublished report to Lilly Endowment.

Рецензии на книги:
  • Forthcoming “The Church on the World’s Turf: An Evangelical Christian Group at a Secular University,” Theological Studies.
  • Forthcoming “Church as Civics 101: Religion and American Politics” (review essay). Books and Culture.
  • Forthcoming “American Evangelicalism: Embattled and Thriving,” Sociology of Religion. 60(3): 336-337.
  • 1999 “Cultural Wars in American Politics.” Social Forces. 77 (3):1216-1219.
  • 1997 “War Stories: The Culture of Foreign Correspondents.” Contemporary Sociology. 26(1):97-98.
  • 1994 “Modern Christian Revivals.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 33(4):392-94.

Домашняя страница http://www.holycross.edu/departments/socant/johns/index.htm
E-mail jschmalz@holycross.edu
Телефон (508) 793-2487
Факс (508) 793-3709
Адрес Department of Sociology, Box 55A
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Square Worcester, MA 01610
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