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Levitt Theodore

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Дата рождения 1925
Место работы Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School) / The Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration Emeritus

Профессиональные интересы:

  • «Innovation in Marketing», McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1962
  • «Industrial Purchasing Behavior», Harvard Business School, Division of Research, 1965
  • «The Marketing Mode: Pathways to Corporate Growth», McGraw-Hill book Co., 1969
  • co-author of «Marketing: An Introductory Analysis», 1964, second edition, 1972, McGraw Hill Book Co.;
  • «The Third Sector: New Tactics for a Responsive Society», Amacon Press, 1973;
  • «Marketing for Business Growth», McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1976;
  • «The Marketing Imagination», The Free Press,1983, expanded edition published in 1986;
  • «Thinking About Management», The Free Press,1990

    Статьи в Гарвард Бизнес Ревю:

    •“Advertising: ‘The Poetry of Becoming.” (March 1, 1993)
    •“The Case of the Migrating Markets.” (July 1, 1990)
    •“After the Sale Is Over.” (September 1, 1983)
    •“The Globalization of Markets.” (May 1, 1983)
    •“Marketing Intangible Products and Product Intangibles.” (May 1, 1981)
    •“Marketing Success Through Differentiation - Of Anything.” (January 1, 1980)
    •“The Industrialization of Service.” (September 1, 1976)
    •“Marketing Myopia.” (September 1, 1975)
    •“Production-Line Approach to Service.” (September 1, 1972)
    •“Why Business Always Loses.” (March 1, 1968)
    •“Exploit the Product Life Cycle.” (November 1, 1965)
    •“Innovative Imitation.” (September 1, 1965)

E-mail tlevitt@hbs.edu
Телефон (617)495-6298

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