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Greil Arthur

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Religion [Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., 1971]
магистр: Sociology [Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., 1974. ]
PhD: Sociology [Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., 1979]
Место работы Alfred University / Chair, Division of Social Sciences

Профессиональные интересы:
Социология медицины; Социология религии; Социализация и изменение личности; Социальная теория; Меньшинства

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  • Arthur L. Greil. 1991. Not Yet Pregnant: Infertile Couples in Contemporary America. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.
  • Arthur L. Greil. 1981. Georges Sorel and the Sociology of Virtue. Washington, D.C.: University Press of America.

Статьи и главы в книгах
  • Arthur L. Greil, "Infertile Bodies: Metaphors, Mortification, and Empowerment." Accepted for inclusion in book, Interpreting Infertility, edited by Frank van Baleen and Marcia Inkhorn To be published by University of California Press.
  • Arthur L. Greil, 1999, "Whose Infertility Is It Anyway?: Husbands' and Wives' Responses to Male Infertility." Assortiment 8 (1):4-6.
  • Arthur L. Greil. 1997. "Infertility and Psychological Distress: A Critical Review of the Literature." Social Science and Medicine 45:1679-1704.
  • Arthur L. Greil. 1996. "Sacred Claims: The 'Cult Controversy' as a Struggle over the Right to the Religious Label." Pp. 47-63 in The Issue of Authenticity in the Study of Religions, edited by Lewis Carter (Volume 6 of Religion and the Social Order) Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.
  • Arthur L. Greil. 1993. "Explorations along the Sacred Frontier: Notes on Para- religions, Quasi-religions, and Other Boundary Phenomena." Pp. 153-172 in Handbook of Cults and Sects in America: Assessing Two Decades of Research and Theory Development, edited by David G. Bromley and Jeffrey K. Hadden (Volume 2 of Religion and the Social Order). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.
  • Lynn Davidman and Arthur L. Greil. 1993. "Gender and the Experience of Conversion: The Case of 'Returnees' to Modern Orthodox Judaism." Sociology of Religion 54:83-100. (Reprinted in pp. 95-112 in Gender and Religion, edited by William H. Swatos, Jr. 1994. New Brunswick: Transaction.)
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  • Arthur L. Greil. 1977. "The Modernization of Consciousness and the Appeal of Fascism." Comparative Political Studies 10:213-238.

Рецензии на книги
  • Arthur L. Greil, Review of Infertility and Identity: New Strategies for Treatment, by Laura L. Deveraux and Ann Jackoway Hammerman. To be published in Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal.
  • Review of Some Choice: Law, Medicine, and the Market, by George J. Annas. To be published in Inquiry.
  • Review of Healing the Infertile Family: Strengthening Your Relationship in the Search for Parenthood, by G. Becker, Social Science & Medicine 49: 847.
  • Arthur L. Greil, Review of Alcoholics Anonymous as a Mutual-Help Movement: A Study in Eight Societies by Klaus Mäkelä, Ilkka Arminin, Kim Bloomfield, Bergmark Eisenbach-Stangl, H. Karin, Noriko Kurube, Nicoletta Mariolini, Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir, John H. Peterson, Mary Phillips, Jürgen Rehm, Robin Room, Pia Rosenqvist, Haydée Rosovsky, Kerstin Stenius, Grayna Wiatkiewicz, Bohdan Woronowicz, and Antoni Zieliski. To be published in Health.
  • Review of In Search of Parenthood: Coping with Infertility and High-Tech Conception (revised and updated) by Judith N. Lasker and Susan Borg. Family Relations. (April, 1996): 238-239.
  • Review of Family Bonds: Adoption and the Politics of Parenting by Elizabeth Bartholet. Politics and the Life Sciences (August, 1994): 24-25.
  • Review of Islamic Da'wah in the West: Muslim Missionary Activity and the Dynamics of Conversion to Islam by Larry Poston. Review of Religious Research (1993) 35: 185.
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  • Review of Ecumenical Perspectives on Church and State: Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish, edited by James E. Wood, Jr. Review of Religious Research 32 (1990): 189-190.
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  • Review of Social Movements by Ron E. Roberts and Robert Marsh Kloss. Contemporary Sociology 5 (1976):538-539.

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