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Lodish Leonard

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование PhD: Marketing and Operations Research [Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management , 1986]
Место работы Wharton Business School / Vice Dean

Профессиональные интересы:
Entrepreneurial marketing; marketing decision support systems; marketing experimentation; expert systems in marketing; sales force decision support; marketing resource allocation; promotion and advertising decision support

  • "Use of Marketing Metrics: A Different Point of View," in Measuring and Allocating Marcom Budgets: Seven Expert Points of View, A Joint Report of the Marketing Science Institute and the University of Michigan Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication, January 2003, pp. 25-30 - Full Text of Joint Report
  • P. Green, A. Krieger, L. Lodish, J DArcengelo, C. Rothey, P. Thirty (2002), ⌠Consumer Evaluations of ⌠Really New Services: The Traffic Pulse System, Journal of Marketing Services, 17, April.
  • S. J. Hoch and L. M. Lodish, "Store Brands and Category Management," forthcoming in Journal of Retailing Abstract
  • Precisely Worthwhile or Vaguely Worthless: Are Marketing Decision Support Systems "Worth it?" with Eric M. Eisenstein to appear in The Handbook of Marketing, edited by Bart Weitz and Robin Wensely. "Building Marketing Models that Make Money," Interfaces, 31:3, part 2 (May-June 2001), 45-55.
  • A SUMMARY OF FIFTY-FIVE IN-MARKET EXPERIMENTAL OF THE LONG-TERM EFFECT OF TV ADVERTISING.; By: Lodish, Leonard M.; Abraham, Magid M.; Livelsberger, Jeanne; Lubetkin, Beth; Richardson, Bruce; Stevens, Mary Ellen., Marketing Science, 1995 Part 2 of 2, Vol. 14 Issue 3, pG133, 8p
  • AN IMPLEMENTED SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING PROMOTION PRODUCTIVITY USING STORE SCANNER DATA.; By: Abraham, Magid M.; Lodish, Leonard M.., Marketing Science, Summer93, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p248, 22p
  • PROMOTER: AN AUTOMATED PROMOTION EVALUATION SYSTEM. By: Abraham, Magid M.; Lodish, Leonard M.., Marketing Science, Spring87, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p101, 23p
  • A MARKETING DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR RETAILERS. By: Lodish, Leonard M.., Marketing Science, Winter82, Vol. 1 Issue 1,
  • CALLPLAN: AN INTERACTIVE SALESMAN'S CALL PLANNING SYSTEM. By: Lodish, Leonard M.., Management Science, Dec71 Part 1, Vol. 18 Issue 4, pP-25, 16p
  • Modeling consumers' choices of multiple items.; By: Harlam, Bari A.; Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Nov95, Vol. 32 Issue 4, p404, 15p, 6 charts, 1 diagram
  • How T.V. advertising works: A meta-analysis of 389 real world split cable T.V. advertising...; By: Lodish, Leonard M.; Abraham, Magid., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), May95, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p125, 15p, 11 charts, 3 graphs
  • A Practical Bayesian Approach to Selection of Optimal Market Testing Strategies.; By: Chatterjee, Rabikar; Eliashberg, Jehoshua; Gatignon, Hubert; Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Nov88, Vol. 25 Issue 4, p363, 13p, 3 charts, 1 diagram
  • Resource Allocation Behavior in Conventional Channels. By: Anderson, Erin; Lodish, Leonard M.; Weitz, Barton A.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Feb87, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p85, 13p, 3 charts, 1 graph
  • A Model and Measurement Methodology for Predicting Individual Consumer Choice. By: Batsell, Richard R.; Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Feb81, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p1, 12p, 4 charts, 14 diagrams
  • A USER-ORIENTED MODEL FOR SALES FORCE SIZE, PRODUCT, AND MARKET ALLOCATION DECISIONS. By: Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing, Summer80, Vol. 44 Issue 3, 2 charts
    Applied Dynamic Pricing and Production Models with Specific Application to Broadcast Spot Pricing. By: Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), May80, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p203, 9p, 4 charts
  • Increasing Precision of Marketing Experiments by Matching Sales Areas. By: Lodish, Leonard; Pekelman, Dov., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Aug78, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p449, 7p, 1 chart
  • Assigning Salesmen to Accounts to Maximize Profit. By: Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Nov76, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p440, 5p
  • Sales Territory Alignment to Maximize Profit. By: Lodish, Leonard M.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), Feb75, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p30, 7p

Домашняя страница http://hops.wharton.upenn.edu/people/faculty/lodish.html
E-mail lodish@wharton.upenn.edu
Телефон (215) 898-6645
Факс (215) 898-2534
Адрес 700 Jon M. Huntsman Hall
3730 Walnut Street
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6340

Дополнительная информация:
Почетные звания и отличия и пр.
In 1987 he led a team that won the Franz Edelman Award for Management Science Practical Achievement from the Institute of Management Sciences for a sales force sizing and deployment model responsible for a sales increase of $25 million annually at Syntex Laboratories. This was the first time in the 16 years of the competition that this $6000 prize was awarded to a Marketing entry.
He led a consortium of most major consumer packaged goods manufacturers, leading advertising agencies, and the major U.S. T.V. networks in a comprehensive analysis of 381 real world split cable TV experiments entitled "How T.V. Advertising Works" which appeared as the lead article in Journal of Marketing Research in August 1995 and in 1996 won the American Marketing Association▓s new Paul E. Green award for the article in the journal which is most likely to have an impact on marketing practice. In 2000 this article was also awarded the Odell award for the article in the journal that had the most impact after five years and was also judged the best article after five years by the American Marketing Association▓s Advertising Special Interest Group.
Консультируемые компании
co-founded Management Decision Systems, Inc. (MDS) in 1967 with $2000 of initial equity capital. In 1985 MDS's, 300 employees, merged with Information Resources, Inc. to become a premier international decision support and marketing data supplier. He also was co-owner and co-founder of Shadow Broadcast Services in 1991 that was sold to Westwood One, Inc. in 1998. He is a Corporate Director of public companies: Information Resources, Inc., Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc., and J&J Snack Foods, Inc. He also is a director or advisory board member of private companies √ Mobility Technologies, Coviant, and Trakus, Inc as well as an advisor to the Jerusalem Global Venture Funds and the Phoenician Fund. Professor Lodish has consulted with many major firms world wide, including Procter and Gamble, Anheuser Busch, Syntex Laboratories, Merck and Company, McNeil Consumer Products Company, the Campbells Soup Company, the Interep Company, Merrill Lynch, the Coca-Cola Company, the Indymac Bank, and Walsh/PMSI.
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