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Martimort David

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование специалист: Economie MathИmatique et EconomИtrie [UniversitИ de Toulouse I , 1990]
PhD: Economie MathИmatique et EconomИtrie [UniversitИ de Toulouse I, 1992]
Место работы University of Toulouse 1 (Université de Toulouse 1) / Professor of Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
Contract Theory, Theory of Organizations, Industrial Organization, Political Economy

"Multiprincipaux avec Anti-SИlection", Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques, 28 (1992), 1-38
"Competition under Nonlinear Pricing" with M. Ivaldi, Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques, 34 (1994), 71-114
"Exclusive Dealing, Common Agency and Multiprincipal Incentive Theory", Rand Journal of Economics, 27(1) (1996), 1-31
"Strategic Trade Policy Design with Asymmetric Information and Public Contracts", with L. Brainard, Review of Economic Studies, 63(1) (1996), 81-105
"The Multiprincipal Nature of the Government", European Economic Review, 40 (1996), 673-685
"Strategic Trade Policy for Uninformed Policy Makers", with L. Brainard, Journal of International Economics, 42 (1997), 33-65
"The Firm as a Multicontract Organization", with Jean-Jacques Laffont, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 6(2) (1997), 201-234
"Collusion Under Asymmetric Information", with Jean-Jacques Laffont, Econometrica, 65(4) (1997), 875-911
"A Theory of Bureaucratization Based on Reciprocity and Collusive Behavior", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 99(4) (1997), 555-579
"Transaction Costs, Institution Design and the Separation of Powers", with Jean-Jacques Laffont, European Economic Review, 42 (1998), 673-684
"Collusion and Delegation" with Jean-Jacques Laffont, Rand Journal of Economics, 29(2) (1998), 280-305
"Separation of Regulators against Collusive Behavior" with Jean-Jacques Laffont., Rand Journal of Economics, 30 (1999), 232-262
"The Collusion-Proof Samuelson Conditions for Public Goods" with Jean-Jacques Laffont, Journal of Public Economics Theory, 1(4) (1999), 399-438
"The Endogenous Transaction Costs of Delegated Audition", with Antoine Faure- Grimaud and Jean-Jacques laffont, European Economic Review, 43 (1999), 1039-1048
"The Life Cycle of Regulatory Agencies : Dynamic Capture and Transaction Costs", Review of Economic Studies, 66 (1999), 929-948
"Renegotiation Design with Multiple Regulators", Journal of Economic Theory, 88(2) (1999), 261-294
"Mechanism Design with Collusion and Correlation", with Jean-Jacques Laffont, Econometrica, 68 (2000), 309-342
"Competing Mechanisms in a Commun Value Environment", Econometrica, 68 (2000), 799-837
Editor of the book "Agricultural Markets : Mechanisms, Failures and Regulation", North Holland (1996)
"From Inside the Firm to the Growth Process" (with Thierry Verdier) "On the Design of Transnational Public Good Mechanisms for Developing Countries" (with Jean-Jacques Laffont)
"Collusion, Delegation and Supervision with Soft Information" (with Antoine Faure-Grimaud and Jean-Jacques Laffont)
"The Agency Cost of Internal Collusion and Schumpeterian Growth" (with Thierry Verdier)

Публикации на портале:
Домашняя страница http://www.univ-tlse1.fr/idei/English/ECv/CvChercheurs/PageEcvMartimort.html
E-mail martimor@cict.fr
Телефон +33 (0) 5 61 12 86 14
Факс +33 (0) 5 61 12 86 37
Адрес Université de Toulouse I
Manufacture des Tabacs
Institut D’Economie Industrielle
21 Allée de Brienne
31000 Toulouse - France

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