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Weale Martin

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Economics [Clare College, Cambridge, 1974-77 ]
Место работы National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) / Director

Профессиональные интересы:
Throughout his career he has has written widely on both micro and macro-economic issues and he is now involved in the preparation of regular commentary and analysis of the state of the world economy.

Books & Reports:
  • 2000: Econometric Modelling: Techniques and Applications . Edited with S. Holly. Cambridge University Press.
  • 1999: Review of the Revisions to the Average Earnings Index. Report Submitted by Sir Andrew Turnbull and Mervyn King to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Published by Order of the House of Commons. HC 263. With Peter Sedgwick.
  • 1995: The Reconciliation of National Income and Expenditure: Balanced Estimates of United Kingdom National Accounts, 1920-90. Volume 7 in Studies in National Income and Expenditure of the United Kingdom. Cambridge University Press. With James Sefton.
  • 1989: Macroeconomic Policy: Inflation Wealth and the Exchange Rate. Unwin Hyman Ltd. pp. 364. With Andrew Blake, Nicos Christodoulakis, James Meade and David Vines.
  • 1986: British Banking: 1960-1985, The Macmillan Press Limited. pp. 232. With the late John Grady.
Chapters in edited books
  • 1998: "Measurement Errors and Data Estimation: the Quantification of Survey Data". In Applied Economics and Public Policy . Ed. Begg, I.G. and S.G.B. Henry. Cambridge University Press. Pp. 41-58. With A. Cunningham and R.J. Smith.
  • 1995: "Balanced National Accounts for the United Kingdom, 1920-1990". In Social Statistics, National Accounts and Economic Analysis, Annali di Statistica, Serie X . Vol. 5. Ed E. Giovannini. pp. 155-181.
  • 1990: "Externalities from Education". In The Market: Practice and Policy . Edited by F. Hahn. Macmillan. 1992. Reprinted in Recent Developments in the Economics of Education edited by G. Johnes and E. Cohn.
  • 1989: "Wealth Targets, Exchange Rate Targets and Macroeconomic Policy" in Policy Making with Macroeconomic Models . Ed. A. Britton, pp. 192-234. Gower Publishing Co. Ltd. With Andrew Blake and David Vines.
  • 1988: "The Accounting Framework and the Data", pp. 25-46, with Terry Barker; "Industrial Prices and Profits", pp. 293-310; "The Company Sector" pp. 389-410, with Andrew Goudie and Geoff Meeks; "Financial Stocks and Returns", pp. 411-432, all in The Cambridge Multisectoral Dynamic Model of the British Economy. Edited by Terry Barker and William Peterson, pp. 507, Cambridge University Press.
  • 1984: "Linear Economic Models" in Mathematical Models in Economics , Ed F. van der Ploeg, pp. 580, John Wiley and Sons Limited, 1984, pp. 37-56.
  • 1983: "Deflators in Input-Output Tables" in Input-Output Modelling , Eds M. Grassini and A. Smyshlyaev, IIASA, pp 525-546.

Публикации на портале:
Домашняя страница http://www.niesr.ac.uk/staff/staffdetail.php?StaffID=226
E-mail m.weale@niesr.ac.uk
Телефон +44 (0) 20 7222 7665
Факс +44 (0) 20 7654 1900
2 Dean Trench Street
Smith Square
London SW1P 3HE
United Kingdom
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