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Söderström Hans

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование магистр: MA, Honors in Economics [Stockholm School of Economics , 1968]
PhD: Ekonomie Doktor (PhD), [Stockholm School of Economics , 1974]
Место работы Stockholm School of Economics / Professor, Department of Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
  • Macroeconomic Policy Analysis
  • macroeconomic policies in small open economies

  • Cyclical fluctuations in labor productivity and capacity utilization reconsidered, The Swedish Journal of Economics 74 (1972), h 2, s 220-237 Studies in the microdynamics of production and productivity change, Stockholm (Monograph series, Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm. 2) 161 s akademisk avhandling HHS, 1974
  • Measuring capacity utilization and excess demand (med Erik Ruist), European Economic Review (1975), h 6, s 369-386
  • Production and investment under costs of adjustment: A survey, Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie 36 (1976), h 3-4, s 369-388
  • Team production and the dynamics of the firm, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 79 (1977), h 3, s 271-287
  • Money wage disturbances and stabilization policy in the small open economy (med Staffan Viotti), Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm, Seminar Paper No 70, 42 s
  • Roundabout production and the international pattern of specialization, Stanford University, Center for Research in Economic Growth, Research Memorandum 209, 1977, 47 s
  • Money wage disturbances and the endogeneity of the public sector in an open economy (med Staffan Viotti), i A Lindbeck (ed): Inflation and employment in open economies, North-Holland Publishing Co 1979, s 71-98
  • Technology and international trade: A Heckscher-Ohlin approach (med Carl Hamilton), i S Grassman & E Lundberg (eds): The World Economic Order: Past and Prospects, Macmillan, London 1981, s 198-229
  • Comment on C Freeman, Innovation as an engine of economic growth: Retrospect and prospects, i H Giersch (ed): Emerging Technologies: Consequences for Economic Growth, Structural Change, and Employment, J C B Mohr, Thübingen 1981, s 27-32
  • Does egalitarian wage policy cause wage drift: an empirical study of Sweden 1960-1979 (with E Uddén-Jondal), Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm, Seminar Paper No 203, 49 s
  • Macroeconomic causes of unbalanced productivity growth in open economies (med Peter Brundell), Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm, Seminar Paper No 252 (omtryckt som International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria. Collaborative Paper CP-83-49, September 1983)
  • Imbalances in the Swedish Economy from a financial perspective, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Quarterly Review, 2:1984, s 44-54
  • Union Militancy, External Shocks, and the Accomodation Dilemma, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol 87, No 2, 1985
  • Exchange Rate Strategies and Real Adjustment after 1970 - The Experience of the Smaller European Economies, i T Peeters, P Praet and P Reding (eds): International Trade and Exchange Rates in the Late Eighties, North-Holland Publishing Co 1985, s 227-264
  • Sectoral Saving and Investment Patterns in 16 OECD Countries 1965-1982, i M J Boskin, J S Flemming and S Gorini (eds): Private Saving and Public Debt, Basil Blackwell 1986, s 3-39
  • Finland's Economic Crisis. Causes, present nature, and policy options, i Christian Bordes, David Currie and Hans Tson Söderström: Three Assessments of Finland's Economic Crisis and and Economic Policy, Finlands Bank 1993 (also as Reprint No 15, SNS 1993)
  • Finlands ekonomiska kris, Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift (1993), h 4, s 169-183 (also as Reprint No 16, SNS 1993)
  • Depression in the North - Boom and Bust in Sweden and Finland 1985-93 (with Lars Jonung and Joakim Stymne), Finnish Economic Papers, Spring 1996
  • Comment on Anders Björklund: Income distribution in Sweden: what is the achievement of the welfare state? Swedish Economic Policy Review 5 (1998), s 81-86

Домашняя страница http://web.hhs.se/personal/Soderstrom/
E-mail Hans.Tson.Soderstrom@hhs.se
Телефон +46 8 736 9212
Факс +46 8 31 32 07
Адрес Stockholm School of Economics
P.O.Box 6501, Sveavägen 65
SE-113 83 Stockholm

Дополнительная информация:
  • Expert, Government Commission on Exchange Controls (Valutakommittén), 1979-80 Member, SNS Economic Policy Group (Konjunkturrådet), 1980 and 1981, chairman 1984-94
  • Expert, Government Commission on Wage Earners' Funds (Utredningen om löntagarna och kapitaltillväxten), 1981
  • Advisor, Bank of Finland, 1992-93
  • Board member (appointed by Government), SEB Invest AB, 1979-85
  • Board member, The Swedish Shareholders' Association (Aktiespararna) 1984-92
  • Board member, Montagu Fondkommission (stock broker), 1985-88
  • Board member (appointed by Government), Stockholm Stock Exchange 1987-92
  • Board member, Hagströmer & Qviberg AB, 1989-99
  • Board member, Investment AB Öresund, 1996-
  • Board member, Observer AB, 1998-

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