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Chow Garland

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование магистр [University of Maryland]
бакалавр [University of Maryland]
Место работы Sauder School of Business / Associate Professor at Operations and Logistics Division

Профессиональные интересы:
Supply Chain Management E-business Outsourcing and third-party logistics Freight transport Regulation and management of the trucking industry Warehousing and distribution Safety management, maintenance.

The Effects of Inventory on Sales and Service: Store Inventory Decisions in Retail Supply Chain Management" (with Chris Dubelaar and Paul Larson) International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management Vol.31, No.2, April 2001, pp.96-108.

"Interacting Agents and Discrete Choices in Logistics Outsourcing: A Conceptual Framework" (with David Hensher) Selected Proceedings of the 8th World Conference on Transportation Research, Vol. 3, Transport Modelling/Assessment, H. Meersman, E. Van de Voorde and W. Winkelmans, eds. (1999-2000, Pergamon Press).

"Air Carrier Financial Fitness: An Assessment over the 1966 - 1996 Period" (with Richard Gritta and Sergio Davalos) Journal of the Transportation Research Forum Vol.39, No.2, Spring 2000, pp.171-181.

"The Effects of Market Structure and Technology on Airline Fleet Composition After Deregulation" (with B. Adrangi and K. Raffee) The Review of Industrial Organization, Vol.15, No.1 (Aug. 1999) pp.77-88.

"The Application of a Neural Network Approach to Predicting Bankruptcy Risks Facing the Major U.S. Air Carriers: 1979-1996" (With Richard Gritta and Sergio Davalos) The Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol.5 (1999) pp.81-86.

"Freight Transportation Planning and Logistics" (with Amelia Regan, Jose Holguin-Veras and Miles H. Sonstegaard) in Transportation in the New Millennium: State of the Art and Future Directions, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, Jan. 2000, 5 pages (CD ROM).

Публикации на портале:
E-mail garland.chow@commerce.ubc.ca
Телефон (604) 822-8328
Факс (604) 822-9574
Адрес 2053 Main Mall, Henry Angus 461
Vancouver, BC CANADA V6T 1Z2.

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