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Shapiro Judith

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Дата рождения 15 октября 1943 г.
Образование бакалавр: economics [University of Chicago, 1963]
PhD: economics [London (LSE), 1966]
Место работы New Economic School / Resident Academic Coordinator, Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
health and demography in transition
new poverty
urban change

Contra: The statutory minimum wage: Dangers inherent in success. CESifo Forum,
Quarterly Journal on European Issues launch issue, Spring 2000 ,

Less Poverty, Less Inflation: First Results for Russia, Royal Institute for International Affairs, London, 1996 (co-author Brigitte Granville, with assistance of Oksana Dynnikova).

Two articles largely based on the above published in Russia, details if desired.

Russian Inflation: A Statistical Pandora's Box Royal Institute for International Affairs, 1994. (co-author Brigitte Granville).

Bleak winter, The World Today, December, 1998.

Huge variation in Russian mortality rates 1984-1994, The Lancet, August 9, 1997 (co-author with David Leon et al, input on economic side and on alcohol consumption, particularly, as well as other insights on crime (unorganized, that is) in Russia.

The Stress Hypothesis in Proceedings of the IUSSP World Congress Beijing, 1997, Kluwer Press, for the International Union for the Scientific Study of Populations.

Health and Health Policy in New Developments in Russian Politics, Stephen White, editor, Macmillan, 1997.

Russian Unemployment and the Excess Wages Tax (with Ian Roxburgh) in Communist Economics and Economic Transformation, 1996, No 1.

(Originally a RECEP (TACIS) Working Paper (1995) and European Economic Association Conference Paper (September, 1994).)

Socio-Economic Survey, issued weekly by the Macroeconomic and Finance Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Moscow (in Russian and English), then monthly, then quarterly, 1993-1995.

A large number of policy-related memoranda, newspaper articles and related items in Russian in this period of residence in Moscow.

Secondary Currencies in the Russian Hyperinflation and Stabilisation of 1921-1924, LSE Centre for Economic Performance Discussion Paper No 59, 1992. [co.author Jacek Rostowski]

The Costs of Economic Reform in C.Merridale and C.Ward, Perestroika: The Historical Perspective, Edward Arnold, 1991.

Unemployment, in R.W. Davies, From Tsarism to NEP: Continuity and Change in the Economy of the USSR, Macmillan, 1990."

The industrial labour force, in Mary Buckley (ed) Perestroika and Soviet Women, Cambridge University Press, 1992.

The Health Care Market, Oxford University Centre for Soviet. Russian and East European Studies, Oxford Corporate Commissioned Report No 1, 1989.

Review article: "Towards the normalisation of Soviet history writing" Slavonic and East European Review, Summer 1990

The perestroika of Soviet history, Slovo [London], Spring 1989

"USSR 1989" and "USSR 1990" Reuters (World of Information) on-line data base, updated quarterly until 1991.

Im allem Ernst und für eine lange Zeit -- aber nicht für immer, in Theodore Bergmann and Gert Schäfer, Leo Trotzki: Kritiker und Vertidiger der Sowjetgesellschaft, Decaton Verlag, Mainz, 1993.

Shatrov I debati navloko n'vogo, (in Ukrainian), Prapor, Kharkiv, No 11, 1990

On the accuracy of economic observations of Chto Takoe SSSR in historical retrospect, in Comparative Economic Studies. Volume XXIX, No 3, Fall, 1987.

Ashford, Kent, (with S. Balogh and V. Symes) in P. Cooke (ed) Global Restructuring and Local Response, ESRC, 1986. (Summary of ESRC project on this topic).

Women in information technology engineering: aspects of the British experience, in Transactions of the IEEE , Autumn 1985.

What is new in the economics of racial discrimination?, Racial and Ethnic Studies, January 1983.

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