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Unnevehr Laurian

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Economics [University of California at Davis ]
PhD: Economics [Food Research Institute]
магистр: Economics [Food Research Institute]
Место работы University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (University of Illinois at Urbana) / Professor, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
Social welfare implications of recent changes in food safety and health regulation

Books (authored)

W. Browne, J. Skees, L. Swanson, P. Thompson, and L. J. Unnevehr, Sacred Cows and Hot Potatoes: Agrarian Myths in Agricultural Policy, Westview Press, 1992.

Books (edited)

Unnevehr, L.J., The Economics of HACCP: Studies of Costs and Benefits, Eagan Press, 2000.

Unnevehr, L.J., B. Duff and B. O. Juliano., Consumer Demand for Rice Grain Quality, International Rice Research Institute and International Development Research Centre, 1992.

Velthuis, A.,, L. Unnevehr, H. Hogeveen and R. Huirne, New Approaches to Food Safety Economics, Kluwer Press, forthcoming.

Journal Articles

Ronnberg, E., L. Unnevehr, and M. Mazzocco, “Quality Assurance and Pork Exports: A Case Study in Denmark,” Cahiers d’ economie et sociologie rurales, No. 65, 4th trimester, 2002, pp. 5-21.

Unnevehr, L., “Food Safety: Setting and Enforcing Standards,” Choices, First Quarter, 2003, on line at .

Dawe, D., R. Robertson, and L. Unnevehr, “Golden Rice: What Role Could It Play in Alleviation of Vitamin A Deficiency?” Food Policy, Volume 27, Issues 5-6 , October-December 2002, pp. 541-560.

Unnevehr, L. and T. Roberts, “Food Safety Incentives in a Changing World Food System,” Journal of Food Control, 13(2), March 2002, pp. 73-76.

Miller, G.Y. and L.J. Unnevehr, “Characteristics of Consumers Demanding and Their Willingness to Pay for Certified Safer Pork,” Journal of Agribusiness, 19(2), Fall 2001: 101-119.

Unnevehr, L.J. and C. Hasler, “Health Claims and Labeling Regulation: How Will Consumers Learn About Functional Foods?” AgBioForum, 3(1), Winter 2000, on line at .

Onal, H., L.J. Unnevehr, and A. Bekric, “Regional Shifts in Pork Production: Implications for Regional Competition and Food Safety,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 82(4), Nov. 2000: 968-978.

Unnevehr, L.J. “Food Safety Issues for Fresh Food Product Exports from LDCs,” Agricultural Economics, (23) 2000, p 231-240. (Reprinted in Spanish in Economia Colombiana y Coyuntura Politica, October 2000, pp. 91-100.

Unnevehr, L.J., G. Y. Miller, and M.I. Gomez, “Ensuring Quality and Safety in Farm Level Production: Emerging Lessons from the Pork Industry,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 81(5), Dec. 1999: 1096-1011.

Unnevehr, L. J. and H.H. Jensen, “The Economic Implications of Using HACCP as a Food Safety Regulatory Standard,” Food Policy, Vol 24, 1999, 625-635.

Unnevehr, Laurian, Clare Hasler, and Michael Ward, “Regulating Health Claims on Food Products: The Balance Between Consumer Choice and Consumer Protection,” Choices, First Quarter 1998, 26-30.

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