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Doucha Tomas (Дуча, Т.)

Обновлено: 24-09-2010
Образование PhD
Место работы Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (VUZE) / Deputy Director for Research and Expert Activities

Профессиональные интересы:
agricultural policy, agriculture in transition countries

  • Agricultural Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe: Implications for Competitiveness and Rural Development. Sarris A., Doucha T., Mathijs E. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 1999, 26(3), 305-29.
  • Doucha, Tomas. Conceptual approaches to preparing pre-accession strategies for agricultural policies. FAO International Workshop. “Harmonisation of the National Agricultural Policies of Central and East European Countries in the Framework of Integration Processes”. October 1998, El. Peškové 17, 150 37 Prague 5, Czech Republic.
  • Theoretical, methodological and analytical questions of the multifunctionality with respect to the situation in the Czech agriculture - a background for modeling of multifunctionality, Tomas Doucha, Horska and Ratinger, Pražan, January 2004. ENAPRI, Seminar Papers, No. 2. January 2004.

Домашняя страница http://www.vuze.cz/EN/
E-mail doucha@vuze.cz
Телефон 420-2-6275349 / 2200510
Факс 420-2-6273020
Адрес Manesova 75, CZ – 12058, Prague 2, Czech Republic
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