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Capps Oral

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование PhD: agricultural economics [Virginia State University, 1979]
Место работы Texas A&M University / Professor and Southwest Dairy Marketing Endowed Chair at the Department of Agricultural Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
agribusiness, agricultural marketing, applied econometrics.

  • Capps, Jr., O., J. R. Tedford, and J. Havlicek, Jr., "Household Demand for Convenience and Nonconvenience Foods", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 67,4 (November 1985): 862-869.
  • Tedford, J. R., O. Capps, Jr., and J. Havlicek, Jr., "Adult Equivalent Scales Once More — A Developmental Approach", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 68,2 (May 1986): 322-333.
  • Capps, Jr., O., "Utilizing Scanner Data to Estimate Retail Demand Functions for Meat Products", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 71,3 (August 1989): 750-760.
  • Nayga, Jr., R.M. and O.Capps, Jr., "Tests of Weak Separability in Disaggregate MeatProducts", American Journal of Agricultural Economics (November 1994): 800-808.
  • Capps, Jr. O, J. R. Church, and H. A. Love, "Specification Issues and Confidence Intervals on Unilateral Price Effects Analysis", Journal of Econometrics, 113,1(May 2003): 3-31.
  • Penson, J.B., O. Capps, Jr., and C.P. Rosson, Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Prentice-Hall, Third Edition, 2002.

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