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Savage Mike

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование PhD
Место работы University of Manchester (University of Manchester) / Professor of sociology

Профессиональные интересы:
  • Taking time, history and narrative seriously in the constitution of social inequalities, including re-energising sociological approaches to social mobility
  • Considering how to develop a spatially aware approach to social stratification
  • Elaborating a more culturally developed approach to social stratification, using an eclectic range of thinkers such as White, Bourdieu, Benjamin, de Certau, etc.

  • T. Butler and M.Savage (eds), Social change and the middle classes (UCL Press, 1995).
  • S.Halford, M. Savage, A. Witz, Gender, Careers and Organisations: Current Developments in Banking, Nursing and Local Government , 1997, Basingstoke: Macmillan.
  • M. Savage, Discipline, surveillance and the 'career': employment on the Great Western Railway, 1833-1914, in Foucault, Management and Organisation Theory: From Panopticon to Technologies of Self, A McKinlay and K Starkey (eds), 1998, London, Sage.
  • M. Savage, Class Analysis and Social Transformation, 2000, Buckingham, Open University Press.
  • M. Savage, M. Egerton, Social mobility, individual ability and the inheritance of class inequality, Sociology, 31,4, 1997.

Публикации на портале:
E-mail mike.savage@man.ac.uk
Телефон 0161-275-3710
Факс 0161-275-2514
Адрес Department of Sociology
Roscoe Building
University of Manchester
M13 9PL

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