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Dechow Patricia M. (Дечоу, Патриция)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: commerce [University of Western Australia, 1986]
магистр: business administration [W. E. Simon School of Business Administration, University of Rochester, 1990]
PhD: accounting and finance [W. E. Simon School of Business Administration, University of Rochester, 1993]
Место работы University of Michigan Business School / professor

Профессиональные интересы:
Nature and purpose of accounting accruals, evaluating the quality and reliability of earnings and the informativeness of earnings to capital markets, the use of earnings information in predicting stock returns, the effect of analysts' forecasts on investors perceptions of firm value

“Implied Equity Duration: A New Measure of Equity Risk,” co-authored with Richard Sloan and Mark Soliman, Review of Accounting Studies, Volume 9, 2004.

“Why are Earnings Kinky? A reexamination of the Earnings Management Explanation.” Coauthored with Scott Richardson and Irem Tuna, Review of Accounting Studies, Volume 8, 2003, 335-384.

"The quality of accruals and earnings: The role of accrual estimation errors" co-authored with Ilia Dichev. The Accounting Review, Volume 77, Supplement 2002, 35-59.

“Short Interest, Fundamental Analysis and Market Efficiency”, co-authored with Amy Hutton, Lisa Meulbroek, and Richard Sloan. Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 61, July 2001, 77-106.

"The Relation between Analysts' Forecasts of Long-Term Earnings Growth and Stock Price Performance Following Equity Offerings, co-authored with Amy Hutton and Richard Sloan, Contemporary Accounting Research, Spring 2000, 1-32.

"Earnings Management: Reconciling the Views of Accounting Academics, Practitioners, and Regulators," co-authored with Douglas Skinner. Accounting Horizons, 2000, 235-250.

“An Empirical Assessment of the Residual Income Valuation Model”, co-authored with Amy Hutton and Richard Sloan. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 1999, 1-34.

"The Correlation Structure of Earnings, Cash Flows, and Accruals," (co-authored with S.P. Kothari and Ross L. Watts). Journal of Accounting and Economics, 1998, 131-168.

"Returns to Contrarian Investments: Tests of the Naive Expectations Hypothesis," (co-authored with Richard Sloan) Journal of Financial Economics, 1997, 43, 3-27.

"Economic Consequences of Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation," (co-authored with Richard Sloan and Amy Hutton), Journal of Accounting Research, 1996, 1-20.

"Causes and Consequences of Earnings Manipulation: An Analysis of Firms Subject to Enforcement Actions by the SEC," (co-authored with Richard Sloan and Amy Sweeney), Contemporary Accounting Research, 1996, 1-36.

"Detecting Earnings Management," (co-authored with Richard Sloan and Amy Sweeney), The Accounting Review, 70, 1995, 193-226.

"The Effect of Restructuring Charges on Executives' Cash Compensation," (co-authored with Mark Huson and Richard Sloan), The Accounting Review, 69, 1994, 138-156.

"Accounting Earnings and Cash flows as Measures of Firm Performance: The Role of Accounting Accruals," Journal of Accounting and Economics, 18, 1994, 3-42.

"Executive Incentives and the Horizon Problem: An Empirical Investigation," (co-authored with Richard Sloan), Journal of Accounting and Economics, 14, 1991, 51-89.

"The Share Market's Assessment of Initial Acquisitions by Seven Controversial Investors," Australian Journal of Management, 12, 1987, 23-48

Публикации на портале:
Домашняя страница http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/faculty/dechow.html
E-mail patricia_dechow@haas.berkeley.edu
Телефон (734) 764 3191
Факс (734) 936 0282
Адрес 701 Tappan Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
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