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Rau Raghavendra (Рау, Рагхавендра)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: management [The European Institute of Business Administration, 1993]
PhD: management [The European Institute of Business Administration, 1997]
Место работы Finance Department / Krannert School of Management / associate proffesor

Профессиональные интересы:
Corporate finance, Asset pricing, Information economics, Behavioral finance, Game theory

“The impact of all-star analyst job changes on their coverage choices and investment banking deal flow”, (with J. Clarke, A. Khorana, and A. Patel), Journal of Financial Economics, 84 (3), 713-737, 2007.

“Good stewards, cheap talkers, or family men? The impact of mutual fund closures on fund managers, flows, fees, and performance”, (with A. Bris, H. Gulen, and P. Kadiyala), Review of Financial Studies, 20 (3), 953-982, 2007.

“Tunneling, propping, and expropriation: Evidence from connected party transactions in Hong Kong”, (with Y. Cheung and A. Stouraitis), Journal of Financial Economics, 82 (2), 343-386, 2006.

“Changing names with style: Mutual fund name changes and their effects on fund flows”, (with M. Cooper and H. Gulen), Journal of Finance, 60 (6), 2825-2858, 2005.

“Managerial actions in response to a market downturn: Valuation effects of name changes in the dot.com decline”, (with M. Cooper, A. Khorana, I. Osobov, and A. Patel), Journal of Corporate Finance, 11 (1-2), 319-335, 2005.

“Investor Reaction to Corporate Event Announcements: Under-reaction or Overreaction?”, (with P. Kadiyala), Journal of Business, 77 (2), 357-386, 2004.

“Regulation, Taxes, and Share Repurchases in the U.K.”, (with T. Vermaelen), Journal of Business, 75 (2), 245-282, 2002.

“A Rose.com by Any Other Name”, (with M. Cooper and O. Dimitrov), Journal of Finance, 56 (6), 2371-2388, 2001 (Reprinted in The Psychology of World Equity Markets, Werner De Bondt, ed., Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, Volume II, 500-517).

“Investment Bank Market Share, Contingent Fee Payments, and the Performance of Acquiring Firms”, Journal of Financial Economics, 56 (2), 293-324, 2000.

“Glamour, Value and the Post-Acquisition Performance of Acquiring Firms”, (with T. Vermaelen), Journal of Financial Economics, 49 (2), 223-253, 1998 (Reprinted in Corporate Restructuring, David J. Denis and John McConnell eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming).

Публикации на портале:
Домашняя страница www.mgmt.purdue.edu/faculty/rau/
E-mail raghu@purdue.edu
Телефон (310) 362 6793
Адрес 314 Park Lane West Lafayette, IN 47906-2737 U.S.A.


PhD: Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance

MBA/Executive: Theory of Finance - An introduction, Financial Management / Corporate Finance, Takeovers, restructuring and governance, Behavioral Finance

Undergraduate: Financial Management / Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, International Corporate Finance (Videocourse)
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