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Международная конференция "Новая экономика и пост-социализм", Варшава


Академия Предпринимательства и Менеджмента Леона Козьминского (Варшава, Польша) проводят Международную конференцию "Новая экономика и пост-социализм" (10-11 апреля 2003 г.)

Conference Overview (by organizers):

The information and communication technologies (ICT) offer a substantial potential for faster productivity and economic growth in transition economies. However, a number of important questions still needs to be addressed before the benefits of the information revolution can be realized. How does one tap the potential of ICT? What are the determinants of the successful adoption of these technologies? What are the threats and opportunities? Does ICT indeed represent a chance for faster growth in transition countries? What is the size of this potential? Has ICT had any impact so far on economic growth in these countries? Can this potential of the new technologies be utilized in spite of the lingering social, economic, infrastructural, institutional, and human capital shortcomings? What are the implications for economic policy? The third edition of the international conference organized by the TIGER economic institute, affiliated at the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management (WSPiZ), follows in the footsteps of the two previous editions of the new economy project, which were held in 2001 (The New Economy and Its Implications For Long-term Growth in Post-socialist Countries) and in 2002 (The New Economy and the Old Problems. Prospects for Fast Growth in Transition Economies).

5 research issues to discussed at the conference:
1. The Impact of ICT on Economic Growth in Transition Economies;
2. The Role of ICT in Economic Restructuring;
3. The Determinants of Absorption of the New Economy;
4. The Role of the State and International Institutions in the New Economy;
5. E-government: Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects.

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