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Международная конференция "Будущее нестандартной экономики" (первая международная конференция конфедерации ассоциаций за плюрализм в экономике (5-7 июня 2003 г., Университет Миссури, Канзас, США)


Международная конфедерация ассоциаций за плюрализм в экономике проводит первую конференцию "Будущее нестандартной экономики", состоится летом 2003 года в университете Миссури (Канзас), США.

Открыт прием заявок на участие в конференции.

Подробнее о конференции и условиях участия на сайте: http://www.urpe.org/icape.htm

Conference Overview (by organizers): Founded in 1993, ICAPE is a consortium of 40 organizations working cooperatively to foster pluralism in the analytical perspectives, methods, policy discourse, and education of professional economists. Now, almost ten years on, ICAPE is sponsoring its first conference: on the future of heterodox economics around the world.

This conference will afford unique opportunities for dialogue among diverse schools of thought and across intellectual generations: among our "elders" (senior scholars who have inspired the revival of heterodox economics over the past 20-30 years), our "youth" (innovative younger scholars, including those associated with the Post-Autistic Economics movement and the authors of the open letters issued recently from Cambridge University and the AFEE Summer School), and many others in between. In all, the purpose of this conference is to create new resources - energy, ideas, debates, alliances, and projects - for the future of heterodox economics, and indeed of economics itself, internationally.

We seek proposals offering fresh perspectives on heterodox economic theory, economic policy, and economic pedagogy at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We especially encourage efforts to integrate heretofore separate strands of thought, including (but not limited to) Austrian Economics, Black Political Economy, Evolutionary Economics, Feminist Economics, Georgist Economics, Historical Economics, Institutionalism, Marxism, Post Keynesian Economics, Postmodern Economics, Postcolonial Economics, Social Economics, and Sraffian Economics.

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