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Шесть стипендий на обучение в области экономической социологии и политической экономии в докторантуре Института социальных исследований им. Макса Планка. Заявки принимаются до 20 мая 2005 г.


Six doctoral fellowships in economic sociology and political economy

Fellowships will start in October 2005, and will be awarded for a maximum of three years. The program is open to students from a variety of social science disciplines, in particular but not exclusively sociology and political science. Working languages at the MPIfG are German and English.

Doctoral fellows will participate in a graduate school program including courses and summer school sessions (which will eventually be turned into an International Max Planck Research School) and generally in the Institute's intellectual life. Details of the curriculum will be specified according to dissertation topics and previous training. As the MPIfG is not a degree-awarding institution, degrees will have to be received from a Fellow's home institution. For more information refer to the MPIfG's research program and the MPIfG Doctoral Program on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy.

Applications and further inquiries may be directed to the MPIfG's Head of Administration, Jürgen Lautwein (lautwein@mpifg.de). Applications may be sent by email. They should include a C.V., a list of publications if applicable, two letters of recommendation, and a six-to-eight page proposal for a doctoral dissertation project.

The deadline for submission is May 20, 2005.

The Max Planck Society is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to improving the opportunities of women in the sciences.

For more detail see: http://www.mpi-fg-koeln.mpg.de/ak/ausschreib_en.html#Six_doctoral_fellowships